recurring revenue

How to Maintain Recurring Revenue as a Freelancer

You’re a freelancer. You’ve kicked off the cubicle shackles, told the water cooler “peace out, bro, I’m buying a Brita pitcher,” and the only printer you’ll be smashing in a field while listening to rap music is the one you buy yourself. (For the record I don’t recommend that unless you’ve exercised all your options.)… Continue Reading


Cross Selling Techniques for Every Kind of Freelancer

When you’re a freelancer, you gain a few new titles in addition to the one you use to introduce yourself at uncomfortable networking parties. You’re not just a “freelance copywriter,” you’re also the head of marketing, president of sales, and number one coffee gopher.

Your services aren’t going anywhere unless you can market yourself, and … Continue Reading

Project proposal

9 Project Proposal Mistakes Freelancers Make

No matter what industry you’re in, whether you’re self-employed or someone-else-employed, in order to thrive professionally, you’re going to develop what I call a “trade toolbox” This toolbox is likely going to be a mix of figurative (skills, knowledge, connections) and literal (hammers, product management software, measuring cups), and improves with each year you’re in … Continue Reading


Building Your Freelance Website with Remote Workers

For new or established freelancers who are looking to scale their business and require a professionally crafted website, the task of searching for a proper solution can be surprisingly complex. There’s a large and increasingly popular demand for workers who can create and maintain a company’s website. The vast majority of these workers do so … Continue Reading


The Freelancer’s Guide to Bootstrapping

You’ve attended holiday family gatherings, right? For me, there are always a few things guaranteed to happen:

  1. My kids eat only bread, while other people’s children happily eat Aunt Patchouli’s kale salad.
  2. I eat precisely three too many bites of pie, and seriously consider drinking from the gravy boat.
  3. One of the uncles or grandpas
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Ryan Battles Interview – DRAFT

1. For those unaware, what is Harpoon and what does it do?

At its core, Harpoon is a platform that helps freelancers, studios, and agencies set and hit a yearly financial goal for their businesses. We accomplish this with a mix of education combined with a killer app that handles everything from financial planning and … Continue Reading

How To ACTUALLY Take Time Off Work As A Freelancer

How to ACTUALLY Take a Holiday as a Freelancer

Answer me this question: Do you need to take time off work? Now, I know, I know you’re living that sweet, sweet freelance life. I know you’re doing what you love. I know you’ve got the freedom to close up “shop” for two hours so that you can go to your son’s midday soccer game… … Continue Reading