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Digital E-Signature Security and Identity Authentication for WordPress

Joe Cinocca

Our creative authentication process gives you the flexibility to verify the signer’s identity. Several options will allow you to process their information with a high level of reliability.

If you are conducting business online, you have the right to know; who is the recipient of the transaction. Digital e-signatures fall into this area, as well.

If your e-signed document should happen to be contested within the legal system, providing the burden of proof, as to the signer’s identity falls on you. At ApproveMe, we understand that all of your documents have varying levels of importance and risk. This is why we are offering several options that allow the signer to prove their identity using our self-hosted WordPress e-signature plugin.

Our WP E-Signature extension gives you the ability to select different methods of authentication for each party within the exact same transaction.


This process will demonstrate that the signer has access to a specific e-mail address. Ideally, this option is used in limited situations that involve a very low level of risk.

Once the signer enters their e-mail address, a confirmation inquiry is sent with a link to the proposed transaction. If the signer clicks on the link within that e-mail, ApproveMe considers that signer to be authenticated and move onward to another step of the transaction.


This process will ask for information that is only known by the signer. This could include account, personal or other information, not commonly known outside of the relationship between the signer and the end user.

Ideally, this process is used in conjunction with other options, adding additional merit to the end users’ authentication process.

Once the signer receives an e-mail to the transaction and consents to using e-signatures, they will then be asked to answer questions that are generated by the customer, which should be known between both parties. If the signer correctly answers the questions, WP Digital E-Signature plugin will consider that signer to be authenticated and will move onward to the next step in the transaction.


This option will send a one-time password, via text message, to a signer’s mobile phone to authenticate their e-mail address and phone number. This option is optimal for end users that are seeking an affordable and convenient multi-step authentication process that provides a low burden on the end user.

Once the signer consents to using e-signatures, the e-mail will give a link to the pending transaction. ApproveMe will then send them a text message that contains a randomly generated, one-time password. If the signer is able to successfully enter the text message code, ApproveMe will consider that user to be authenticated and move onward to another step in the process.

The ApproveMe platform creates a trustworthy process and environment for legally binding the identity of individuals to their digital signature. This is crucially important in legal matters or arbitration.

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