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Electronic Signature and The Holiday Season

Kevin Michael Gray

Black Friday heralded the start of the Christmas spending season when retail sales are about to get ultra-competitive.

Differentiating your goods and services from the competition can be tough; rather than slashing prices to get your nose in front, how about making it easier for your customers to buy from you by jazzing up the buying process?

Designing a way for an electronic signature online to create legally-binding contracts and agreements places your business at the cutting edge and shows your customers that you are catering for their needs.

Catering for the modern customer

The modern customer sees buying goods and services as a continuation of everyday life. While they may occasionally make dedicated shopping trips, they increasingly expect to be able to arrange their lives by touchscreen.

They want to use mobile devices on the go to make purchases and arrange financial transactions, so that, wherever they are, they remain ‘plugged in’ and able to acquire what they need quickly and without hassle.

They don’t want to waste time doing things face-to-face when it can be done virtually; and they certainly don’t want to have to print off finance agreements and physically sign documents.

How does an electronic signature online help?

Finance agreements can be signed securely and legally from any device, anywhere, using a verified electronic signature online system.This means no printing, no sending documents back in the post and no visiting the business premises or store in person –ultimately resulting in products or services being delivered quicker.

This provides customers with exactly the type of convenient service they expect nowadays.

But not only that, it has the potential to add other important benefits to small and medium-sized businesses:

  • Saves time – agreements ready for customers to fill out with their details and an electronic signature.
  • Increases sales –deals closed faster with less time for customers to change their minds!
  • Saves money – no printing, faxing or mailing documents .
  • Legally binding – fully UETA/ESIGN-compliant digital signatures recognised in court.

Turn browsers into buyers

The whole process of gathering electronic signatures online has been simplified and improved for WordPress website business owners.

Downloading the WP E-Signature plug-in allows you to set up a secure system for getting agreements signed legally with no diverting to third party sites, like with most e-signature services; the end-to-end process is set up and arranged from your own website.

WordPress-based online businesses can therefore get documents signed securely in minutes, right there on their own site: a great way to increase conversions and turn browsers into buyers.

With a full license there are no limits to the number of agreements able to be signed, so the potential value to a business is immeasurable.

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