How to Handle Scope Creep

Imagine a force possessing the ability to suck even the most competent, well-trained, highest-functioning humans into its depths.

With each frantic movement, it pulls its prisoner further into the muck, creeping up closer and closer to the nose and mouth… threatening the very things that provide a body with its life-giving breath. All the while, … Continue Reading

How to Make a Portfolio that Clients Crave

We’re guessing you’re not the type of person who would go camping without packing supplies, or show up to a final exam without ever cracking open a book… but would you apply for a creative job without a portfolio?

If success in a creative field such as web design or photography (or any other profession … Continue Reading

How to Write an Elevator Pitch that will Blast You Past the Competition

How to Write an Elevator Pitch…

It’s a classic scenario: you, a refreshingly savvy and knowledgeable small business owner, find yourself in an elevator with an influential higher-up or potential business connection.Try, “After … Continue Reading

How to Network Effectively in 10 Simple Steps

As a freelancer, advertising and marketing campaigns aren’t always affordable, accessible, or appropriate for your industry. So how do you get your information out there and snag some of that “word of mouth” all the kids are talking about these days?

Fortunately, the answer can be found in a single word. Unfortunately, that single … Continue Reading

Don’t be a jack of all trades… be a freelance superhero.

You’ve heard the old quote, right? “Jack of all trades, master of none?

It’s a sentiment that challenges our modern ideas of success, on a general scale anyway. We’ve been trained over the years to aspire to greatness in as many areas as possible. Remember that guy in high school? The one who … Continue Reading

5 Lessons Freelancers Can Learn from Taylor Swift

Feeling stuck in your freelance career? Maybe you’ve had some Bad Blood with a frustrating partner, or maybe your oldest client just said We are Never Ever Getting Back Together.

Regardless of what it is that has you in a rut, we think we know just the way to Shake it Off. Come along … Continue Reading

How to Build a Proposal that Wins Over Customers’ Hearts and Online Signature

Online Signature - ApproveMe

We talk a lot about signing contracts over here at ApproveMe, with our main mission being to relieve the headache freelancers experience when trying to collect an online signature from their clients…

Some of you might be thinking, “An E Signature is all well and good, but how do I get my potential client to … Continue Reading

Type My Signature gets added to WordPress Contract plugin

Today we launched four big WP Digital E-Signature improvements and are pleased as pie to share these additions with you.

1. Type My Signature

Until now, the only way to add your signature to a document was by drawing it on a signature pad using your touch screen tablet, mouse, or trackpad. You won’t have … Continue Reading

17 Of The Coolest Signatures From Famous People


Business news site ‘Business Insider‘ curated 17 of the Coolest Signatures from famous people, both from the past and present.

Now of days signatures are more often ineligible kindergarten doodles on a page, however some famous profiles still put a much intentionality into creating a unique “iconic” signature.  Some even include cartoon drawings.… Continue Reading


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