6 Automation Hacks to Help Freelancers Get More Done (Without Going Insane)

freelance web site

When you’re a freelancer, your time is money — literally. You likely bill your clients based on how much time you spend working for them. Therefore, the more time you have to spend doing actual work, the more money you can make.

But, an eight-hour day can go quickly when you’re constantly putting effort … Continue Reading

How to Protect Your Payments with a Solid Invoice and an E Signature

e-signature why you should use it

Here you are, can you believe it? You’ve successfully submitted a project proposal or estimate, sealed the deal with a traditional contract or E Signature, and put in all the work. You’re now ready to invoice a client for your job well done.

If you’re new to freelancing, this is a milestone moment. You’re definitely … Continue Reading

How to Build a Proposal that Wins Over Customers’ Hearts and Online Signature

Online Signature - ApproveMe

We talk a lot about signing contracts over here at ApproveMe, with our main mission being to relieve the headache freelancers experience when trying to collect an online signature from their clients…

Some of you might be thinking, “An E Signature is all well and good, but how do I get my potential client to … Continue Reading

5 Ways a WordPress Contract Plugin Can Improve Your Business

Do you spend loads of time printing and sending paper documents back and forth for signatures?

Have you ever lost a sale when the document-trail went cold, just when you thought the customer was ready to sign?

Are you currently using e-signature software but are reluctant to keep paying the monthly fees, especially when the … Continue Reading

The E-Signature Advantage

What’s usually the big hold up in getting a deal completed?

More often than not delays revolve around getting the customer’s signature. This might be because the customer is not ready to sign, in which case your salespeople have more work to do. But it is often because the systems are not in place to … Continue Reading

How to Convince Your Boss It’s Time to Start Using E-Signature

All of the global indicators point to the newfound popularity of paperless transactions and lightning-quick convenience that this new technology brings.

Unfortunately, there are still people that believe the  ApproveMe E-Signature revolution is just some fad that will pass with time. Business owners have quickly recognized how much money they are saving by using this … Continue Reading


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