20 Places to Find Freelance Work (That Aren’t Upwork) in 2016

Sometimes, when jobs fall in your lap or your inbox is full of inquiries, freelancing feels like a walk through the park. You know, the kind where bluebirds tie your shoelaces and beautiful people with adorable dogs wink at you as they jog by? Those are the times when it’s fun to tell people, “Hi, … Continue Reading

Freelance Personalities, Predictions, and Pitfalls

12 Personality Types You'll Find In All Freelance Work

You’ve heard the expression “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” right? While it didn’t work out so well for the family in The Shining, it’s a helpful mantra to adopt as a freelance worker.

So why not have a little fun by checking out some freelance personality predictions, just to … Continue Reading

How to Freelance Again After Getting Screwed

how to freelance

Freelancing is full of gray areas, regardless of how experienced you are. Without corporate mandates and the traditional checks and balances system of a cubicle farm, you’re left with a lot of freedom… and a lot of room to get screwed over.

This is especially true when you first start getting freelance work. Along … Continue Reading


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