3 Reasons You Should Care about Social Isolation as a Freelancer

social isolation

As freelancers, we get to enjoy a state that is often-sought after by cubicle-dwellers and retail workers the world over. A state that seems like a blissful meditation or creative oasis… or a prime opportunity for ultimate productivity. I’m talking about the elusive and mysterious freelancing gift of solitude.

With solitude comes the freedom to … Continue Reading

Essential Freelance Tools and Plugins for the Busy, Modern Freelancer


This is a fantastic age for freelancing. While the general public may not be riding around in hovercars or eating each meal in highly-efficient, protein-packed pill form yet, we’re still swimming in helpful technology.

No, I don’t have … Continue Reading

5 Ways to Prepare Your Freelance Business for the Holidays


The holidays aren’t just coming, they’re here, friends. And while millions of people are loosening their belts and preparing for the chance to chill out and check out, your freelance business doesn’t have that luxury.

Now, yes, I know that many freelancers find themselves with both emptier inboxes and emptier checkbooks over the holidays. Potential … Continue Reading

A Freelancer’s Guide to Launching a Cyber Monday Deal

Ah, the holidays! A time of spiced scents, indulgent foods… and herds of people with crazed eyes throwing elbows and right hooks at each other over one-cup coffee brewers.

The time is here for holiday sale marketing, and giant corporations aren’t the only ones throwing their hats in the ring. Small business and online entities … Continue Reading

How to Freelance and Survive: Real Wisdom from Successful Freelancers

Freelancing is a beautiful and fickle beast. At times, freelancing can feel like a vacation from the rat race… an escape from the cubicle.

Doing what you love on your own time and your own terms allows you the freedom to live life the way you want to.

…as long as you can find work.… Continue Reading

Don’t be a jack of all trades… be a freelance superhero.

You’ve heard the old quote, right? “Jack of all trades, master of none?

It’s a sentiment that challenges our modern ideas of success, on a general scale anyway. We’ve been trained over the years to aspire to greatness in as many areas as possible. Remember that guy in high school? The one who … Continue Reading

5 Lessons Freelancers Can Learn from Taylor Swift

Feeling stuck in your freelance career? Maybe you’ve had some Bad Blood with a frustrating partner, or maybe your oldest client just said We are Never Ever Getting Back Together.

Regardless of what it is that has you in a rut, we think we know just the way to Shake it Off. Come along … Continue Reading


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