Freelance Conferences to Attend in the US in 2016

2016 freelance conferences

Everyone freelances differently, which is one of the things that makes this business so liberating and, frankly, kick-ass.

With technology becoming increasingly readily available, web-based freelancing is growing and changing at breakneck pace. This makes it easier for all of those different freelancers to get their work done from the comfort of their own homes… … Continue Reading

10 Things Freelancers Need to Do Before the New Year


Some people look at the approaching New Year with bright eyes, a thirst for champagne, and a newly-purchased treadmill in the basement. Others regard it with a bit of optimism… and a whole lot of avoidance techniques.

These people are probably freelancers.

When there’s no boss to send you a W2, and no designated break … Continue Reading

Essential Freelance Tools and Plugins for the Busy, Modern Freelancer


This is a fantastic age for freelancing. While the general public may not be riding around in hovercars or eating each meal in highly-efficient, protein-packed pill form yet, we’re still swimming in helpful technology.

No, I don’t have … Continue Reading

5 Ways to Prepare Your Freelance Business for the Holidays


The holidays aren’t just coming, they’re here, friends. And while millions of people are loosening their belts and preparing for the chance to chill out and check out, your freelance business doesn’t have that luxury.

Now, yes, I know that many freelancers find themselves with both emptier inboxes and emptier checkbooks over the holidays. Potential … Continue Reading

Tips for Working from Home (Part 3): Everything Else

We’ve been talking about working from home for a few weeks now, right? So far, I’ve compared remote working to both an urban legend and a folktale… but, really, what are both of those things? When you boil them both down?

Well, they’re stories. At the bare bones, they’re simply stories.

My favorite kind of … Continue Reading

9 Realistic Tips for Working from Home (Part 1 of 3)

You’ve heard of urban legends, right? It all starts with an instance of truth: some kid eats a packet of Pop-Rocks, chases it with soda and (surprise!) throws up. A couple of kids tell a couple more kids and, suddenly, the nation is swept with the horrifying news that the combination of this feisty candy … Continue Reading

How to Freelance and Survive: Real Wisdom from Successful Freelancers

Freelancing is a beautiful and fickle beast. At times, freelancing can feel like a vacation from the rat race… an escape from the cubicle.

Doing what you love on your own time and your own terms allows you the freedom to live life the way you want to.

…as long as you can find work.… Continue Reading


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