How to Estimate Costs Like a Pro (Even When You Don’t Feel Like One)


Freelancing is fun, right? Glamorous, even. You get to rock your own schedule in a non-traditional format, and call your fuzzy slippers a “work uniform.” Dream-gig.

A good freelancer, however, knows it’s not all glamour. Figuring out how to estimate project costs, notifying clients of higher rates, and chasing down missed payments? Important, absolutely. Glamorous? … Continue Reading

How to Build a Proposal that Wins Over Customers’ Hearts and Online Signature

Online Signature - ApproveMe

We talk a lot about signing contracts over here at ApproveMe, with our main mission being to relieve the headache freelancers experience when trying to collect an online signature from their clients…

Some of you might be thinking, “An E Signature is all well and good, but how do I get my potential client to … Continue Reading


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