Type My Signature gets added to WordPress Contract plugin

Kevin Michael Gray

Today we launched four big WP Digital E-Signature improvements and are pleased as pie to share these additions with you.

1. Type My Signature

Until now, the only way to add your signature to a document was by drawing it on a signature pad using your touch screen tablet, mouse, or trackpad. You won’t have to do that moving forward, thanks to the new Type My Signature option. You can now choose to sign a document by drawing your signature or by typing a signature. Our WordPress Contract Plugin how has seven beautiful fonts to choose from.


New Tablet & Smartphone Experience for WordPress Contract Plugin

We’ve learned a lot about what you want during the document signing process since it’s been in the wild.

Here’s what’s new in the tablet/smartphone arena:

2. Plain Simple User Interface

You spoke and we listened… we created a responsive signature adding process for smartphone & tablets that is so plain simple your great great mother (if she was still alive) would be able to use it! Drawn signature is set to default, if you would like to type your signature instead you can simply select “Type Signature” from the dropdown and BOOM! You’re off to the races!.


3. Preview Document

You can now preview how your document will look before saving your document! Additionally to help save you time in the off chance that your internet goes out while creating a document, we added the ability to “auto-save” your documents while you are creating them. Gone are the days of starting from scratch on a new document if the internet connection goes out.

4. Page Break Shortcode

You can now very easily add a page break to your document using the shortcode
esig-page-break. Anywhere in your document if you would like to split up content onto a new page (when the document has been signed) simply add this shortcode before the new section and “vallah” you’re good to go!

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