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Eversign vs. DocuSign: Which Provides the Best Value for Businesses?

Successful companies tend to find a way to get the most value for their dollar. When it comes to an e-signature solution, they want something that makes things easier for their employers while helping them decrease paper costs associated with the document signature process. How well do Eversign and DocuSign do when it comes to giving businesses what they need at a reasonable price?

EverSign vs. DocuSign — A Quick Comparison

Integrated Security Industry-standard 256-bit HTPPS encryption ISO 27001 and SSAE 16
Custom Signatures
Document Tagging
Secure Backup Secure Cloud Services
Multilanguage Support
Multiple Pricing Tiers 4
Support Type Dedicated Support, higher tier only Email, Phone
Contract Required
Integration With Other Business Applications
API Available
Average Review Rating
4.8 4.6

EverSign vs. DocuSign

E-Signature solutions have become essential to SMB’s looking to cut costs by reducing the amount of paper used in the document signing process. EverSign and DocuSign are two well-known solutions relied upon by organizations of all sizes. Both offer some excellent features designed to make the process of obtaining digital signatures easier.

In the following roundup, you’ll learn about the differences between EverSign and DocuSign and ApproveMe as an alternative document signing solution.

What is EverSign?

Eversign is backed by apilayer, a company responsible for other developer tools, APIs, and SaaS products for business users. The Vienna company, founded in 2015, boasts of having 4 million active daily users of its Eversign application. It is geared towards helping small and large companies transition from a paper signature process to a digital one.

What is DocuSign?

DocuSign has long been a player in the field of digital transaction management (DTM). Users control every aspect of their electronic documents, from form creation to signature collection.

About EverSign & Their Features


Eversign allows users to create a new signature or upload an existing one. It also provides a document editor for existing PDFs. A user can edit the document as needed before sending it out for digital signatures. The mobile-compatible application can be used to collect in-person signatures from customers, clients, contractors, vendors, and more.

Businesses can use Eversign to collect forms like non-disclosure agreements or waivers using a tablet, phone, or PC. Completed documents can be copied back to signatories via email. The applications also keep audit trails of past and present document transactions containing vital information like names, emails, IP addresses, and timestamps. That capability helps businesses enforce compliance around specific transactions.

Eversign makes it easy for a company to build and save template forms for frequently-used forms. Users have the option of pre-filling documents with dropdown menus, customized text, and other essential elements.

One of the features that separates Eversign from other competitors the ability to manage documents for multiple businesses. It allows company owners to maintain separate repositories for each business, complete with unique team members, documents, and contacts.

Eversign also allows users to incorporate a simple REST API that only requires management of a few endpoints. They can be used for all document creation, signature actions, and delivery by adding a few lines of code. Developers can create automated processes that simplify the handling of the business’s Eversign accounts. All API documentation for the company can be found here.

About DocuSign & Their Features

docusign homepage

DocuSign’s eSignature platform makes it possible for business accomplish most document-related tasks. They can send out invoices, draft letters and sales contracts, and collect agreements. The DocuSign Agreement cloud provides the Spring CM for easy coordination between different departments in an organization on important documents. Everyone can complete assigned tasks before sending the form out to signees.

There is built-in support for common file formats like Word and Excel. DocuSign recognizes and automatically tags standard fields in a PDF form. That cuts down on the time users must spend getting a PDF document into the proper format for a signature.

Another great feature are the 20 standard and custom form fields made available. Users can add them to documents, allowing them to auto-populate based on the text in a form.

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SignEasy vs Docusign Security

EverSign Security

Eversign promotes itself as using the most stringent authentication and security requirements for the U.S., Europe, and other countries. They promise that all documents will be enforceable and legally binding in a court of law.

The company enforces security by requiring everyone in the signing process of a document to come up with an individual signature to use for legal representation. The Eversign system secures key parameters like names, IP addresses, and time stamp data using signer authentication.

All data collected through Eversign gets stored in a secure cloud server. The company allows businesses to set up protocols outlining auto-expiration of specific document information upon completion of the electronic signature process. That ensures all data gets completely wiped from Eversign systems. Industry-standard 256-bit HTPPS encryption is used on every piece of data processed through the Eversign platform.

DocuSign Security

DocuSign is known for adhering to strict security standards. They remain in compliance with the ESIGN Act, meaning the signatures on its documents are legal and binding. This is done by:

  • Verifying the identity of the signer using multiple forms of authentication
  • Confirming the intent of a recipient to use an electronic signature
  • Linking signatures to signers and documents
  • Recording all relevant signature and document actions
  • Providing secure and continuous access to DocuSign documents
  • Using tamper-seals to protect documents

EverSign vs Docusign Customer Support

For EverSign, general customers looking for support must email the company and wait for assistance. There are no promises made about the turnaround on responding to issues. Those who purchase Basic levels of service or higher gain access to dedicated support. Eversign also provides a help center to answer common questions from those working with the platform.

The DocuSign support center is a place where clients can find answers about the platform and its capabilities. Businesses can arrange for additional training for workers on effectively using the DocuSign platform.

Clients can submit an online support request, use chat support through the DocuSign website, or contact them by phone. Enterprise customers receive prioritized support for their issues.


EverSign Pricing

Eversign offers one free plan and three premium plans for businesses. Those who purchase a premium plan receive a discount if they pay annually instead of monthly.

The Free tier offers the following benefits at no charge.

  • The ability for one user to work with five documents per month
  • Also offers users the chance to work with three documents using the Eversign API

The Basic tier of services costs $9.99 per month or $7.99 if a business purchases a yearly plan. One user gains access to the following upgraded features.

  • The ability to work with an unlimited number of documents
  • The ability to create three reusable templates
  • The chance to work with 10 API documents
  • Access for one team member
  • Integrations with popular applications like Dropbox and Drive
  • Dedicated support from Eversign

The Professional tier of service costs $39.99 per month or $31.99 if a company buys a yearly plan. It allows five team members to work with an unlimited number of documents. They gain access to the features offered with the Basic tier in addition to the following:

  • The ability to create ten reusable templates
  • The chance to work with 25 API documents
  • The ability to do in-person signings

The Professional Plus tier costs $79.99 per month or $63.99 if a company purchases a yearly plan. It provides access to 15 team members and everything available with the Professional tier. The Professional Plus tier offers the following extra features:

  • The ability to work with 25 reusable templates
  • The chance to work with 25 API documents
  • The ability to add custom branding to documents

Eversign also offers pricing tiers for its API. Those who purchase a yearly plan on any API product receive a 20 percent discount.

The Basic API Light integration can be used to handle 50 eSignatures every month using API documents. It costs $49.99 per month when paid by the month. Additional features at this level include:

  • The ability to work with an unlimited number of documents
  • The ability to build ten reusable templates
  • Access for five team members
  • Integrations with products like Drive and Dropbox
  • A dedicated level of support
  • The ability to conduct in-person signings

The Eversign API Business Tier costs $179.99 per month. It increases the number of API documents a company can work with each month to 200. Additional features at this level include:

  • Access for 15 team members
  • Custom branding for company documents

The Eversign API Business Pro tier costs $399.99 per month. Fifteen members can work with up to 500 API documents each month. They also gain access to the benefits offered in the Business Tier of services.

Those who need more customized API services can contact Eversign directly through their website.


DocuSign Pricing

There are three pricing tiers available to DocuSign clients. Those who sign up for a year of service, versus paying month to month, receive a discount on the overall price.

The Personal Tier costs $15 per month per user ($10 when paying annually). A company acquires one business user license that provides the capabilities outlined below:

  • Maximum of five documents per month to recipients
  • Access to basic text fields like name, date, signature, company, title
  • Reusable templates
  • Ability to route documents to multiple recipients at once, or have them sign one in a specific order
  • Real-time audit trail

The Standard tier is priced at $40 per month for each user ($25 when paying annually). It provides all the services offered in the personal level along with the following additional features:

  • The ability to send an unlimited number of documents.
  • The ability to set automatic reminders
  • The ability to integrate with over 300 business tools (Salesforce, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.)
  • The ability to send documents in 13 different languages and receive signatures in 43

Organizations that go with the Business Pro tier gain access to everything offered in the Personal and Standard tier. It costs $60 per month for each user ($40 when paying annually) and includes the capabilities listed below:

  • Payment receipt
  • Two-factor authorization
  • Smart fields

Enterprise users can request a customized tier of service that makes features like the DocuSign API and website signature embedding available. All companies can try the service out for 30-days at no cost.


How do they rate?

EverSign User Reviews

Capterra users give high marks to Eversign. It seems especially popular among teams and those who enjoy the bank-grade security. Users at both small and large businesses seem to appreciate how easy it was to use the application. They rate it at 4.8 stars overall, out of 914 reviews.

DocuSign User Reviews

DocuSign comes in just behind Eversign on the same website. They manage to maintain a rating of 4.7 stars out of over 3,000 reviews, an impressive feat. It is popular in organizations of all sizes and used internationally.

Picking an E-Signature Solution

Companies can benefit from bringing on either of these e-signature solutions. Organizations may want to look to Eversign if they are interested in its API capabilities. The costs for the same level of service from DocuSign may be higher. DocuSign does have the advantage of offering built-in CRM capabilities that makes collaboration on documents easier.

Looking for an alternative to EverSign or DocuSign?

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