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Signing Contracts Online

one boy holding up a laptop showing a girl how easy it is to sign on any device using approveme and WP E-Signature.


Impress your clients with professional and streamlines workflows.


Lindsey Ehlman is on the content team at ApproveMe. She’s an MVP legal junkie, professional paralegal with over 6+ years experience and currently pursuing her doctorate of law. In this guide, Lindsey will outline how companies and individuals can craft, negotiate and execute a win-win (and enforceable) contract.

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Looking for the most innovative way to get your contracts signed? Your search ends here! ApproveMe’s one of a kind WP E-Signature plugin is here to change the way you sign contracts.

  • Create and Customize your own Contracts using ApproveMe’s impressive contract database
  • Automate the digital signature process 
  • Easily manage your digital contracts
one boy holding up a laptop showing a girl how easy it is to sign on any device using approveme and WP E-Signature.

A Online Contract Signing Hub

Why shop around when you have everything you need right here. ApproveMe offers an eclectic mix of contract templates and helpful resources to make sure you are making the most of your time. ApproveMe saves money and cuts down on unnecessary overhead expenses. 

Paperless = Digital Freedom

Impress your clients with professional and streamlines workflows. Clients will receive an email within minutes of pressing send. Your client can conveniently review the contract and easily sign the contract at their fingertips. Even better, they receive a copy of the signed contract for their records. Super easy for you and your client. We are committed to changing the way you do business. 

Where Do I Begin? 

Before you can get a document signed, you have to create one. ApproveMe saves you time and money by providing an eclectic mix of contract templates.  ApproveMe’s Templates Add-on saves the content of your frequently used basic document for productive and efficient future use. 

ApproveMe’s contract library is full of templates that you can use to craft a template with WP E-Signature. Once you are ready to send your document again, you simply load your template into a basic document and finalize the last steps and press send! 

Creating and implementing frequently used templates saves you time by adding automation to your daily business operations. With this option, the sky is the limit. 

2 Types of Documents You Can Create WP E-Signature 

There are two types of documents you can create with ApproveMe’s WP E-Signature tool. 

1) Basic Document

A basic document is generally a more signer specific document. It is a way to send a single document to multiple parties to collect multiple dynamic (or always changing) signatures on the same copy of a document.

One document > sent from the WP back-end > with as many signers as you want (as opposed to our other document type that only has one signer per copy).

The next step is easy. Just type in the names and emails of the signer(s) and press send! Now your document is ready for a signature landing right in the signer’s inbox for review. Simple as pie! For more information on how to create a basic document, click here.

2) Stand Alone Document

A stand alone document is normally used for more general documents such as a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), waiver, etc. Signers can conveniently visit the page and sign the document directly. Additionally, you have the option to send an invitation to sign via email from the back-end. A stand alone document is a more automated option, but it only allows one dynamic signer. 

Did we mention third-party integrations? That is right!  You can use our stand alone document option alongside ApproveMe’s form integrations we work with to automatically populate SPECIFIC signer data into your GENERAL document. 

We currently have form integrations with: 

We also have impressive integrations with WooCommerceEasy Digital Downloads, and  ActiveCampaign.

For additional information on how to create and refine a stand alone document, click here

Make signing contracts a joy-filled experience

ApproveMe lets you transform the moment that matters most to your business…signing on the dotted line into the most joyful experience – wall without leaving your site

E-Signature Super Admin vs. Regular WP Users

We want you to get the most out of your E-Signature WP tool. Here are the two different document sender types:

  • E-Signature Super Admin – Only a single user can view, edit, and send all documents created by all E-Signature users and view/edit the main E-signature settings (yay for security!). The E-Signature super admin can be re-assigned to another user at any time. This can be accomplished by updating the super admin on your settings page
  • Regular WP Users – These users have the ability to view, edit, and send the documents they created and only have access to their user-specific E-Signature settings.

What Happens After a Document is Signed?

​Once the e-signature document has been digitally signed the document contents are encrypted and stored in your database (read about the document security here).  

The document can be downloaded in four different ways:

  1. PDF â€“ Document Sender E-Signature Dashboard lets you download archived documents as PDF’s.
  2. Email – All parties involved receive an email with a link to the document​ (where they can easily download as PDF or print the document).
  3. Add-On â€“ Attach PDF to email add-on (business license) automatically attaches a PDF of the document to the confirmation email
  4. Dropbox â€“ Dropbox Sync Add-on (business license) automatically syncs signed PDF’s to a dropbox account.

“ApproveMe simplifies and expedites the signing process”

Easily Accessible Document Viewing and Signature Process

ApproveMe’s WP E-Signature plugin is ready to collect ESIGN compliant digital signature. Better yet, your clients will enjoy the convenience of viewing and signing documents from along many forms of technology expanding from any computer, tablet, mobile device, or smartphone, compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems. 

ApproveMe’s plugin revolutionizes the way you and your clients sign documents. ApproveMe simplifies and expedites the signing process. We are your e-signature solution. We are here for you from the beginning while you craft and create an electronic contract to the end once the document is signed. We offer awesome storage solution options and ensure your information is safe and secure.  We provide the innovative WP E-Signature plugin technology to streamline the contract process.

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