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Photo Release Form for Adults

Here's what you'll find in the Photo Release Document:

  • Photo release form for adults (not children)
  • Suggestions on getting documents completed online in a legal fashion
  • Recommendations for photographers working to grow their business
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Photo Release Form Template

A photo release grants a photographer or individual permission from another party to use the photographs for personal or commercial use. A photo release is a legally binding document that releases the rights of the individual (Releasor, the person releasing the photos) and transfers the use, altercation, and other promotional uses to the photographer or other listed individual (Releasee, person gaining rights to the photos).

  • A photo release grants permission to an individual or company to the rights to certain photos.
  • The release waives the rights to any future use or claim of the photos.
  • A photo release is needed when a photo taken of an individual will be used for promotional or marketing purposes.
  • A photo release relinquishes the Releasor’s rights to obtain royalties or compensation for the photos.

The Basics: Photo Release Terms and Components 

Sometimes all of the legal jargon can be hard to understand. Here is a breakdown of important terms and how to identify the basic elements of a simple photo release form:

  • Photo: the photos taken on a particular date or dates and/or a certain event/events
  • Releasor: the party granting permission to use the photo
  • Releasee: the party receiving permission and authorization to use of the photos

There are a few types of photo release forms, and the releases have other common names that include:

  • Photo Consent Form
  • Model Release Form
  • Video Release Form
  • Photo Copyright Release Form
  • Photo Release Waiver
  • Photography Release Form
  • Release for Photography

Why do you need a Photo Release? 

A photo release is needed to secure your rights to the use of any certain agreed-upon photographs. It is a legally binding document. An oral agreement may not be enforceable, and a written agreement ensures your rights without any confusion down the road. A photo release also allows a photographer or other company to use photos from an event for marketing purposes, such as a brochure or website to promote their business. However, before a photographer or other company can use the photographs, a photo release form is needed to officially relinquish the individual in the photo or video’s rights and vest them to you. A photo release can also be referred to as a “model release.” It serves the same purpose as the model release all photographs to you, making the photos your property. A photo release also waives any rights to future compensation or royalties that the individual may otherwise be entitled to. It is not only essential for an individual photographer to use a photo release form, but also a professional photographer. An individual has a right to a reasonable expectation of privacy, so a photo release form ensures your proper use of the photographs taken during a photoshoot or during an event. A photo release can also be more detailed. For example, in exchange for your use of the photos, you can provide the individual with some form of compensation. This is not typically required, but in some situations, you may choose to include a form of compensation for your use and the individual’s complete release of the photos to use. A photo release form template can get you on the right track to protect your business. A sample photo release form can serve as a “go-by,” as you may need to customize it to tailor your individual needs. A free photo release form can be printed and can also be used as a guide to help you get started. The goal is to have an enforceable release where a party agrees to grant permission for your use of the photographs.

What should be included in a simple Photo Release?

The photo release should first identify the “who.” So, who is granting permission to use the photographs (Releasor)? The next important element is the “how.” The photographer or other parties must express how they intend to use the photographs and specify all potential uses of the same. You want to be sure to cover your bases by including your (Releasee) right to alter, edit, copy, and make use of the photos and/or videos for promotional purposes. It should also expressly identify the Releasee’s right to publishing the photos on the internet, brochure, magazines, or other advertisement purposes. A simple photo release should include the Releasee the rights to use the photographs in any manner the Releasee deems useful or for any other lawful purpose. The “how” is important not only to notify the Releasor of your intentions of how you will use the photographs but expressly grants you the permission of such use.

Common Mistakes and Consequences of not using a Photo Release

The first and most obvious mistake is not using a photo release at all. Without a photo release, you are severely limiting your rights to use the photographs. An oral agreement is less likely to be enforceable, thus not being upheld by a court. Not having a photo release puts you at risk for potential legal implications for improper use of the photographs. If legal action were taken, it could be costly and time-consuming. If you are unsure about what you should include in a photo release, you should contact an attorney to obtain legal advice. Therefore, it is best to use a photo release to ensure you are protected. A photo release should be signed and dated. An unsigned photo release is essentially the same as not having one. The release should have a clause that permits you to use the photographs indefinitely unless the Releasor revokes the release in writing. If the individual is a minor, a legal guardian will be required to sign on their behalf. Typically, if an individual is under 18 years of age, they will need a legal guardian’s signature. A minor cannot enter into a contract, and if it is only signed by a minor, it would more than likely be deemed void. Another mistake is not keeping a copy of the photo release on file. It is a good practice to scan and maintain a digital record of any release signed along with a physical copy with your files and other legal documents.

How to get a Photo Release Signed

A photo release can be signed the traditional way in person, or it can also be e-signed. E-signatures are legally binding. They are essentially equivalent to a physical signature. It also ensures that the document is actually signed and dated without having to worry if you had it signed in person or forgetting to physically give it to the individual. The individual may inadvertently forget to sign it and give it back to you. An e-signature takes that potential worry away and gives you confidence that the photo release is properly is signed. The document can be uploaded and sent as a pdf. An e-sign document can transform the way you do business. is your one-stop shop to obtain the e-signatures you need for your business. It is user-friendly and is sure to help your business run smoothly.

Resources for your Growing Photography Business

Starting up your own photography business can be a little overwhelming. Here are some helpful tools that as a professional photographer, you may want to check out to boost your business’ productivity: BlogStomp & AlbumStompThis software allows you to revolutionize your workflow. You can quickly shoot out blogs and albums to promote your business. BackBlaze Cloud BackUpA cloud software is essential in the photography industry. You do not want to risk losing your important files and photographs. HootsuiteThis company helps you manage your social media content. It saves you time by scheduling your social media posts and manage your content. It also tracks your social media results by generating routine reports.

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Photo Release

This Photo Release (“Release”) is made effective on this ___ day of _______, ______. I, _________________________, hereby grant and authorize _____________________________ the right to edit, alter, copy, any and make use of all photos and or videos taken of me to be used in and/or for promotional materials without payment or consideration. This grant of use includes but is not limited to publishing on Internet and e-mails, magazines, pamphlets, advertisement fliers, and in whatever other manner the photographer finds useful or for any other lawful purpose. I understand and agree that these materials will become _____________________ property and will not be returned. This Release extends to all formats, media, languages, and formats now known or hereafter developed. This Release shall continue indefinitely, unless I otherwise revoke said Release in writing. In addition, I waive any right to royalties or other compensation arising or related to the use of the photos. I hereby release rights to all claims, demands, and causes to action which I, my heirs, representatives, executors, administrators, or any other persons acting on my behalf of my estate have or may have by reason of this authorization. _______________________________ __________________ Printed Name Date _______________________________ Signature

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