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Common Questions

Can I customize each contract for my business?

Yes, you can customize any contract or agreement to fit your needs. In your contract you will easily locate bracketed language or blanks which lay out the type of information you should provide in the contract, or signal information you should personalize. Easily remove and replace any brackets and update the details in the contract template with the custom details you would like to specify.

What are the benefits of a Lifetime Pass?

If you are a lifetime member, you will get unlimited access to ALL contracts, agreements, tips, guides, eBooks, future webinars, etc. for life. We are constantly updating and improving our contract database, and if there’s ever a contract you need but don’t see, reach out and we may already be creating it, or be able to get it created for you!

How many contracts can I download?

You can download as many contracts as you need or want with our Lifetime Pass and Unlimited plans. Our Basic plan allows you one contract download. While you are free to use contracts for your business or personal needs, you are not allowed to redistribute, publish or sell any contracts downloaded from the membership site. These contracts are meant to protect you and your business.

Is my subscription renewed every year?

If you choose a yearly subscription, it will renew annually at the promo rate used at the time of your subscription creation. Lifetime Pass, is a one-time purchase which has zero renewals and allows you to access 100% of the content on the ApproveMe Ultimate Contract Template Bundle.

What is a contract credit?

A contract credit is the cost of a contract if you are purchasing without a yearly membership or lifetime pass. Each contract requires a valid contract credit.

Do you offer a trial?

We occasionally have promotions for a single-credit trial, however you are fully protected by our 100% No-Risk Double-Guarantee. If you don’t like ApproveMe’s Ultimate Contract Template Bundle over the next 14 days after purchase, then we will happily refund 100% of your money.

Outstanding collection of business, legal and more templates to customize. Even better it's a lifetime deal not limited to a monthly maximum, just total number of downloads. Simple to navigate and easy to use...

I am retired, but used to be a Corporate Tax Paralegal. As such I had lots of contracts but none with exactly what I wanted... your template just really streamlined things for me. Legality and UK requirements checked and then one hour to the craft the document required by the client who is a charitable organization in the UK. They accepted my first draft as was with just a couple of tweaks they made.

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