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Weekly Timesheet Template

Here's what you'll find in the Weekly Timesheet:

  • A weekly timesheet template for employees
  • An easy way to track items such as total hours, regular hours, time in, time out, time off for lunch breaks, breaks, overtime hours, sick time, holiday time, etc.
  • Advice on maintaining up-to-date hours worked
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Weekly Timesheet Template

General Points: We’ve built a generic weekly timesheet which is currently formatted for Microsoft Word. It could easily be converted into a Microsoft Excel timesheet template however, if you prefer to use that – and scale this document over time. With that you could create a biweekly timesheet, monthly timesheet, or other variation. We also offer a monthly timesheet template, also in Microsoft Word for your convenience to aide in self or employee time tracking. This printable doc can easily be converted into a PDF as well if you wish, or added to Google Docs (or Google Sheets if you’ve converted it to Excel format). Key Points: All employees should fill out an employee timesheet for payroll, paid time off, and reference situations. Generally exempt (salary) employees do not need to record their comings and goings; however, many employers like to have salaried employees record their time in some manner for reference purposes. Non-exempt (hourly) employees should always have their time recorded as any hours worked in excess of 40 hours in one week should be paid at 1.5% of their hourly rate. There are many versions of time records that can be obtained and used. This template is one example of a basic time record or time sheet for weekly record-keeping. What’s Included: We’ve included general items like daily hour slots, but also included a time tracker for lunch breaks, holidays and sick leave (or other PTO). This can track both the start and end time for an employee or contractor on a day to day basis. This is a common scenario at many companies for interns to submit weekly hours as well for each pay period. It calculates the total number of hours but does not list pay rate information – which is left off specifically for any HR considerations on privacy. Helpful Information: Wage laws can be very different depending on the state where the time is being recorded. It is strongly advised that you contact an accountant or HR professional to avoid running up against any state or federal regulations. This, in turn, could cause you and/or your company to be fined or sued for inaccurate timekeeping and payment issues. It should be made clear to all employees – as well as contained in your company employee handbook – that employees are to fill out their own time sheet. Anyone failing to comply with this requirement by completing and/or signing another employee’s time sheet, thus falsifying the information, could face legal issues as well as company discipline, up to and including termination of employment. According to the U.S. Department of Labor (“DOL”), each employer shall preserve for at least three years payroll records, collective bargaining agreements, sales and purchase records. Records on which wage computations are based should be retained for two years, i.e., time cards and piece work tickets, wage rate tables, work and time schedules, and records of additions to or deductions from wages. These records must be open for inspection by the DOL Wage and Hour Division’s representatives, who may ask the employer to make extensions, computations, or transcriptions. The records may be kept at the place of employment or in a central records office. Resources: One helpful link is from the U.S. Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division, on record-keeping requirements under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA):

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Weekly Time Sheet

Employee Name (Printed): _______________________________________________
Employee Number/Department: _______________________________________________
Week of: _______________________________________________


Date Day In Out Break(s)/Lunch Paid Time Off (PTO) Holiday (H) Other (O) – (please specify)       TOTAL
  TOTAL Regular Hours:
  Hours Over 40:
Employee Signature: ___________________________________________________
  Supervisor Signature:   ___________________________________________________

INSTRUCTIONS: All non-exempt (hourly) employees must fully complete a Weekly Time Sheet by filling in the required information at the top and recording daily total work hour information. Record each daily total to the nearest 0.25 hour. Any overtime hours must be approved in advance by your supervisor. Each supervisor shall initial the approved overtime hours once entered above. By signing this Weekly Time Sheet, you, as the employee, acknowledge and agree that you worked these hours. Falsified time sheet(s) may lead to immediate termination of employment.

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Unlock lifetime-access to this contract and 100+ more templates, today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make my own weekly timesheet template?

You can make your own weekly timesheet template starting with the template on this page! Select Download Contract to begin. Then review the content and customize it with your business specifics. Remember to include anything you want the signer to agree to when they are filling in their weekly timesheet.

How do you create a weekly timesheet for employees?

A time sheet is a document that records the time worked by an employee each week. It is usually used as an aid to managing staff hours. The Timesheet will also include other information such as the employee’s name, their position, and their location.
You can use the template on this page as a starting point and customize it to include your business-specific sections and terms.

How to fill out a weekly timesheet.

To fill out a weekly timesheet, have the information about your week available. This includes dates and times you have worked, breaks and lunches you have taken, paid time off and holiday pay that may have occurred.
Then fill in the fields with the corresponding information and sign after you have double checked to make sure the information you added is correct.

What does week ending mean on a timesheet?

The week ending on a timesheet indicates the end of the week, and it is often used to signify that the workweek has ended. Many people use this term to signify that they have worked their last day of work for a given week. It's often used in conjunction with a number, such as "week ending 4" or "week ending 12".

How do I use weekly timesheet?

If you are a business owner, you can use weekly timesheets to track important information about your employees. It is a smart idea to have your employees fill in their timesheet every day so they don’t forget to complete it or have trouble remembering the data.
If you are an employee, you can use a weekly timesheet to help track your hours, breaks, and tasks to ensure your employer is compensating you properly.

How do you create a timesheet in Word?

Download this agreement template and customize the content as needed for your business. This includes adding any relevant sections that apply to your employees. Then, if you need this template to be added to Word, copy the data and paste it in to create a Word copy of the template.

What is employee timesheet?

An employee timesheet is a record of the hours that an employee has worked for his or her employer. It is used to calculate and pay employees for overtime, vacation, sick leave, and other types of leave.
Employee timesheets are useful in calculating hours worked and paying employees for their work. They can also be helpful in case of disputes with employers over work hours.

What is a weekly timesheet?

A weekly timesheet is a document that lists the hours worked by each employee of a company. It helps in keeping track of the hours that employees have worked and how much they are paid for their work. A weekly timesheet is usually mandatory for most companies, especially those with hourly employees.

What are bi weekly timesheet templates?

Biweekly timesheet templates help to keep track of people’s work hours, and they are often used by companies with a lot of employees who work on a set schedule. The template is designed so that both the company and the employee can see how much time each person has put in at any given time.
Bi weekly timesheet templates are a time-saving alternative to the traditional monthly timesheet. They are used in many fields and can be more effective in certain industries.

What information is included on a timesheet?

A timesheet is a document that provides information about the hours worked by an employee. It is used to record the number of hours, the date and time of the start and end of each shift, as well as any overtime worked.
The information on a timesheet includes:
- The employee's name
- The date
- The shift
- The start and end time of shift
- Any overtime worked
- Vacation time or PTO time taken

How do electronic timesheets work?

Electronic timesheets are an electronic record of work hours, which can be created by a supervisor or manager, or by an employee using the company's software. It can be used to document time worked on projects, tasks, and activities related to one's job. Electronic timesheets can help both employees and supervisors keep track of their work hours and productivity levels.

​​How do you use weekly timesheets?

A weekly timesheet is a document that allows you to track your hours for the week, so that you can accurately calculate your pay. It is typically used by employers to keep track of their employees' hours and pay them accordingly. You can start using one today!

How do I create a weekly timesheet template excel?

You can use this template to create a weekly timesheet template excel! Use the Download Contract button to receive the template in your email inbox. Then if you need to use it in Excel, copy the data and paste it into an excel document.

How do I create a weekly timesheet template word?

Download your weekly timesheet template word here! If you need to use it in Word, you can copy the data from it and paste it into Word. Then customize the template using your company specific information and necessary sections.

Can I download this free weekly timesheet template?

You can easily download this free weekly timesheet template! All you need to do is select the Download Contract button, add your name and email address, and receive the template right in your email inbox.

How can I use this printable weekly timesheet template?

You can use this printable weekly timesheet template to track the time and tasks of your employees. To do so, you can simply download the contracte template and either print it out or use it on your WordPress-powered website with the plugin WP E-Signature.

Do you have a printable weekly timesheet template word?’s printable weekly timesheet template word is available right on this page! All you need to do to access it is select Download Contract, add your name and email address, and receive the template in your email inbox.

Why did create this free printable weekly timesheet template?’s professionals have prepared this free printable weekly timesheet template and 100+ contract templates for creatives, freelancers, photographers, agencies, and all small business owners.
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