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  • You’ll learn How to Network in a way that engages and strikes up meaningful conversation with your new contact
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  • The Right Networking Interview Questions to Ask when you meet someone from your industry for the very first time

Why should you network? Make time to network and meet new people every day, even if you’re not at networking events. Meet new people at every opportunity you can. Be sure to make eye contact and smile in the hallway. Be open to exploring new opportunities. Working all day, every day, is a sure-fire recipe for burn out. When you’re over-worked it rarely produces your best work.

The people that work the hardest, are not necessarily the ones who advance in their career. Networking and working smarter is usually better for your career in the long run.

Approve Me has created a free download of five of the most powerful Networking Questions to Ask when you meet someone new (in your industry).

Do the smart thing… get prepared for the next stranger you meet.

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