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Effective Contract Management for Small Business

Anything that can help us to make our small business lives more efficient is a welcome addition.  In my job, I often find that email discussions and instructions can result in lost information and misunderstandings.

Collaboration tools like contract management systems are one of those software solutions that were invented by people who had come … Continue Reading

Save Money And More By Going Paperless

I love trees, you could call me a ‘tree-hugger’ and I wouldn’t care, I’d be honored. Trees are great, especially when they are standing upright and have leaves on, and maybe the odd squirrel running around them.

In a piece of research published in Nature last year, a tree density map showed that there are … Continue Reading

Contract Writing For Dummies

Contract Writing For Dummies

Writing a contract and agreeing to it can be one of the biggest challenges of your working relationship with a client. The contract has to reflect exactly what it is you both expect as an outcome from your relationship.

Agreeing on a contract with a client is almost as important as choosing the right partner … Continue Reading

Contract Management and Automation

Contract Management and Automation Made Easy

When I think of the word automation I can’t help thinking of the robot from the 60s TV series ‘Lost in Space’. Automation feels like a sci-fi concept, but it is fast becoming the way that we make our everyday working lives more productive.

McKinsey, analysts who specialize in looking at things like productivity, … Continue Reading

Are Scanned Signatures Valid

Contract Law 101: Are Scanned Signatures Valid

Before we start getting into the nubbins of this article, I want you to bear something in mind. If you have spent ages working hard, building your reputation, and you’re currently working with clients and building a successful business, would you put it at risk because you couldn’t find the time to do one little … Continue Reading

The Simple Guide to Electronic Signature Workflows

I’m sure everyone reading this will know the scenario where you’ve been collaborating on an online document with others, adding in clauses and details, sending it back and forth. But then the document goes missing, or a version gets overwritten.

You end up having to redo the document, wasting time and money in the process. … Continue Reading