Sign in WordPress and Make Document-Signing Easier

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Getting documents signed online is nothing new; electronic signatures have had equal legal status with pen and ink signatures ever since the start of the millennium, with the ESIGN and UETA Acts laying down the guidelines.

But until now getting the necessary contracts and agreements signed has usually been accompanied by a slightly uneasy feeling of having to use a third-party site.
That’s all changed. Now you can sign in WordPress, from the security and convenience of your own website.

‘Traditional’ E-Signatures

Since using electronic signatures to sign documents online first started becoming popular, online business owners have generally had to send their customers to an unrelated third-party website to get documents signed.  DocuSign, DigiCert, and EchoSign are good examples of such services.

This has usually meant that signers have had to create an account at a site that they may never use again, wasting time and creating extra inconvenience. Some clients were also suspicious of receiving spam as a result of creating their account using their email address.

What’s more, for the business owner, monthly fees are usually charged for this service.



Sign Documents in WordPress

It’s now easy to use your own WordPress website to sign legally-binding contracts and agreements in a secure, convenient process for all parties involved.

wordpress-electronic-signature-bannerA simple, eSignature WordPress plug-in allows multiple signatories to sign from an existing WordPress website, without having to create a new account or being diverted to another site; and without incurring any monthly fees for the business.

With a full license, paid as a small one-off fee, an unlimited number of documents can now be signed in WordPress, with a smooth signing process and audit trails that ensure compliance with UETA and ESIGN.
You can sign in WordPress by following these simple steps:

  1. Install a WordPress website & log in to the Dashboard
  2. Download WP E-Signature plus the required add-ons
  3. Activate the add-ons
  4. Save the Document Sender settings
  5. Add a New Document & Add Signer
  6. Enter Title for the Document
  7. Add Document Data
  8. Specify Advanced Options
  9. Send Document
  10.  Signer receives email, enters content & adds their signature
  11.  You now have a legally-binding agreement

Key Advantages of Signing in WordPress

Sign Documents OnlineA cumbersome document-signing process can result in frustrated customers and ultimately lost sales. The above process therefore represents a big improvement for businesses with a WordPress website - no more manual signing of documents or using a third-party site.

The main advantages are:

  1. It saves time - the plug-in enables you to create contracts and agreements ready for individuals to simply fill in the blanks with their details and a digital signature.  You can sign in WordPress in minutes –much quicker than faxing!
  2. It creates a professional image - the slick document-signing process demonstrates that your business is professional and knows what it’s doing
  3. It is more secure - signers receive an automated ‘signer invite’ email with the secure site URL to access their agreement. Afterwards each document can be automatically saved as a PDF, synced with Dropbox, or attached to an email.
  4. It saves money - the plug-in saves on paper and printing costs. There are no monthly costs, yet you can use it tie up an unlimited number of lucrative contracts and agreements.
  5. It can increase sales – sakes are often lost when customers get cold feet over signing a contract. With a professional, convenient, and transparent process contracts are signed quicker and back-downs are less likely to happen.
  6. Contracts are legally binding - sign in WordPress and make it legally-binding! Your documents will hold up in a court of law because the signing process is 100% compliant with the US government’s UETA/ESIGN acts for digital signatures.
  7. Paperwork can be signed anywhere, anytime - the plug in allows customers to complete contracts and agreements from all touch-screen devices like iPads, iPhones and Android smartphones. This extra functionality can significantly boost business.

With the ability to sign in WordPress using WP E-Signature, businesses can significantly improve their document-signing processes and reap all the above advantages using a simple plug in.

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