Gravity Forms Signature Added to WPESignature

It is my absolute pleasure to announce the incredibly powerful Gravity Forms Signature Add-On which was recently added to WPESignature.

The new Gravity Forms Signature Add-On by Approve Me makes it possible to collect court recognized signatures after a user submits a Gravity Form. You can choose to either email the user an invitation to sign your agreement or you can redirect them immediately to your agreement after they submit the form. Signers can either type or draw their electronic signature utilizing a touchscreen device, trackpad or even a mouse.

Gravity Forms Signature Addon

What would you do if you found out the contracts you use to run and operate your business were not legally binding?

What if you and your client were in a courtroom only to find out that the digital signature used on your contract was not signed with a compliant esignature application?

The legal industry is a highly regulated industry that has strict laws and regulations around the electronic signature and digital signature submission process.

Now you can have peace of mind… and experience some pretty sweet eSignature Automation using WPESignature and Gravity Forms.

Automate Contract Generation using Gravity Forms

WPESignature makes it possible to 100% automate your contract generation (and signature collection) processes using WordPress and Gravity Forms. With our new powerful Gravity Forms Signature Addon you can generate a court recognized contract based on submitted results from a Gravity Form submission.

Insert Gravity Forms Submitted Data into Contracts

If you’re a freelancer, designer, photographer or small business owner you’re going to want to listen closely. With ApproveMe’s new Gravity Forms Signature Add-On you can push field data that was submitted from a Gravity Form into a legally binding court recognized contract that your form submitter will electronically sign.

Gravity Forms Signature

Setup Signing Reminder Emails

What happens if my signer does not sign my agreement after submitting their gravity form? Well, we’re thrilled you asked!WPESignature is an expandable plugin, which means it has DOZENS of add-on features (which come free with our business license). Among these powerful add-ons is a sweet feature called “Signer Reminder Emails.” You can easily setup an automatic signing reminder email sequence and WPESignature will send out signing reminder emails until your signer either signs your contract, you cancel it, or the reminders expire (you choose the expiration method/date for each contract).

Gravity Forms Demo

UETA/ESIGN Compliance

To most people these acronymns just sound like a bunch of legalese jumbo-mumbo made up by lawyers somewhere. Please do not take this lightly. The UETA/ESIGN act is the electronic signature transmission act that binds a signers intent to your court recognized document. The current Signature Add-on offered by Gravity Forms/Rocket Genius is NOT compliant. Their focus is not legally binding contracts… it is our 100% sole focus. Do the smart thing and don’t get caught in a court room with a contract that was not signed on a compliant eSignature application.

Gravity Forms

Signature Security

Storing a hand drawn signature is kind of a big deal. Think about this for a second. Most signature add-ons and plugins out there save the users/signers hand drawn signature (the same signature which is used to buy a house, apply for a credit card, take out a business loan, etc.) on an ftp server, putting both the site owner and their signers at high risk for identity theft. has created the first legally binding, UETA/ESIGN compliant, self-hosted WordPress plugin that solves this esignature identity theft vulnerability. Their new WordPress plugin allows freelancers, entrepreneurs and small business owners to safely and confidently accept legitimate digital (encrypted) signatures on their contracts and proposals without exposing the actual signature of their signers to FTP intruders. No image of the legal signature is stored on the FTP server.

Gravityforms Signature Security

So how is this Signature Add-On different than the Gravity Forms Signature Add-on by Rocket Genius?:

In so too many ways to count… if you would like to see for yourself try a demo below or download the add-on from (a valid business license for ApproveMe’s WPESignature is required).


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