New ESign Plugin + Add-On Folder Structure for Improved Updates

We’ve spent the last three years now laying the foundation in WPEsign™ for what is going to be a very exciting year. One of the “less visible” updates that came with 1.4.0 is an improved add-on folder structure.

With WPEsign™ growing it’s feature set and add-on library, we noticed it was getting a little “out … Continue Reading

WP Online Contract E Signature Version Update Released

It’s a very exciting time for WPESignature customers! We’re over the moon elated to officially announce the release of a new version. Take a look at our change logs for all the details on the latest release for both WPESignature and our Business Pack plugins.

You can review the change log here:
E-Signature Core PluginContinue Reading

Esignature WordPress Plugin gets Carbon Copy (+CC) Non-Signer Feature in 1.4.0

eSignature carbon copy documents

Esignature WordPress Plugin by ApproveMe get’s an exciting new +CC (Carbon copy) Recipients feature added to it in the 1.4.0 release.

Have you ever wanted to include a non-signer on a document? Maybe a manager or possibly a supervisor. You didn’t necessarily require a legal signature from the recipient but wanted to cc them in … Continue Reading

Announcing Two-Factor Authentication for Better E Sign & Digital Contracts Security

two factor layer authentication

Here at ApproveMe, we constantly strive to better our WordPress e sign product with visible features. But of course many of our best e signature features are the “unsung” hero features that go unnoticed behind the scenes. Security for your signers and digital contracts is of the upmost highest priority of ours.

As of our … Continue Reading

Sprout Invoices Add-on for WP e Signature

Do your clients need to sign an estimate or invoice before proceeding with payment? Sprout Invoices has created an incredibly powerful WPESignature / Invoice & Estimate integration (read all about it here).  You can make use of this plugin to automatically carry out signature every time someone requests and estimate or submits a … Continue Reading

WordPress Multisite Plugin Support added to WPESignature

It is my absolute pleasure to announce a highly anticipated feature that will be making it’s cameo appearance in our 1.3.0 WPESignature plugin release. Ladies and gentlemen… WordPress Multisite is now officially supported by WPESignature Plugin.

Many might be left asking the question… so what’s the big deal with multisite and how can I … Continue Reading

WordPress File Upload Feature added to Custom Fields

It is my absolute delight to officially announce a wordpress file upload feature that integrates smoothly and incredibly easily with our Signer Input Fields/Custom Fields Add-on.

With this new WordPress file upload form feature you can now require your signers to upload a specific file type to contract that they are signing before they … Continue Reading

WordPress User Registration after Signing Add-On

Are you interested in allowing your signers to register on your WordPress site automatically after signing your legal contract or terms of service? The WordPress User Registration after Signing Add-On for WPESignature makes registering users as easy as 1-2-3.

Once activated, a WordPress user account will be created by the WordPress User Registration Plugin for … Continue Reading


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