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Do your clients need to sign an estimate or invoice before proceeding with payment? Sprout Invoices has created an incredibly powerful WP E-Signature / Invoice & Estimate integration (read all about it here).  You can make use of this plugin to automatically carry out signature every time someone requests and estimate or submits a proposal, without you lifting a finger.

With WP-E Signature (business license) and Sprout Invoices new Digital Signature Add-on for Sprout Invoices you will can now collect legally binding electronic signatures before your customers pay an invoice (or agree to an estimate).

And this is just the start of it. When customers sign these awesome things happen…

WP E Signature  will automatically create a PDF of the signed contract for you and your customers.

You no longer need to register on a hird party website, everything is done on your WordPress site

You’re going to have a UTEA/ESIGN compliant signature that is 100% legally (where esignature is observed) on WordPress Invoices to protect you as well as your customer.

This E Signature plugin turns your Sprout Invoice System into an Online Contract Signing application all of course with No monthly fees… unlimited users and best of all using a WordPress website.

Sprout invoices incredibly powerful WordPress invoice Plugin and Digital Signature Add-on for WP E Signature is fantastic for freelancers, designers and small businesses that are interested in automating the collection of esignatures on proposals, invoices, and estimates.

Online Contract Signing
Online Contract Signing

Here is how it Works:

Step 1:
Purchase and Install the Sprout Invoices Business Package + WP E-Signature (with business license)

Step 2:
Set up a WordPress page that is going to store your document

Step 3:
Create a brand new Document with the WP E-Signature

Step 4:
Attach the brand new document to a WordPress page with your Sprout invoice settings

Step 5:
Anytime your clients need to sign an invoice you can first require them to electronically sign a specific agreement or contract before proceeding with payment of their invoice.

sprout invoices e signature

Contracts signed and agreements will be instantly saved as a PDF and can easily be attached to an email, synced to a Dropbox account or more! The best part about all of this is that you can make a decision about how you want your custom E Signature workflow to function!

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