Get Contracts Signed Faster With Workflows

Automate one or more documents with signing automation using WordPress Contracts Digital Signature Add-Ons. There are many ways Add-Ons can improve your business …

WordPress Online Contract
Stand Alone Document Collect signatures automatically by syncing a WordPress page to a redundant document.
Signing Reminders When a contract is not signed by a set date, send a friendly automatic email reminder.
URL Redirect After Signing Easily redirect a signer to a specific page or url after they sign your document.

Create Advanced Signature Workflows in WordPress


Custom Input Fields

Insert textfields, calendars, radio buttons and more. Assign each field to a specific signer

Auto-Add My Signature

Attach the legal signature that’s saved in your sender settings with the tick of a checkbox

Attach as PDF

Automatically attaches the completed contract as a PDF and emails it to all signatories

Dropbox Sync

Backup all of your signed documents instantaneously using your Dropbox account

“WP E-Signature is tackling a majorly difficult problem and are knocking it out of the park with their ease of use, intuitive UI, and powerful features.”

Pippin Williamson WP E-Signature Pippin Williamson Plugin Developer

Perfect for Freelancers

Being a Freelancer is already hard and expensive. Shouldn’t on-boarding your clients be the opposite? We think so! WP eSignature offers a solution that not only helps you sign your clients up quicker, but also saves you time, money and makes you look like a boss.

Create your own custom signing workflow with add-ons

WP E-Signature is built similar to Woo Commerce in that there are dozens of customizable add-on features available, so you can easily create a signing workflow.