The new Approval Signer feature by ApproveMe is a powerful eSignature automation feature that makes it easy for you to automate the collection and contract approval process for your business. This means that you can have a public facing document/contract form that lives on your website + a final approval signer to close out the agreement once a signature is received from the Stand Alone/Public Facing document.

How the Assign an Approval Signer Works

If you were an advertising agency that requires design approval once a designer submits their designs you might need your creative director, account manager or even client to legally sign off on (and accept) the submitted designs.

Step 1: Your designer uploads their designs via an upload form to a Stand Alone Document (Signer Input Fields Add-On Required).

Step 2: Once your Stand Alone Document has been signed by your signer, a new signer invitation email will be sent to your pre-defined Approval Signer. The document will not be closed UNTIL your approval signer adds their legally binding eSignature to your agreement.

Once your Approval Signer signs this agreement the FINAL signed (and completed) agreement will be emailed out to both you the document sender/admin, the first signer, and the approval signing party.

Required Add-ons

In order to activate the Contract Approval feature you will need the following plugins installed:

  1. WP E-Signature
  2. Stand Alone Documents Add-On
  3. Assign Signer Order Add-On

*Both of these add-ons are included with the ApproveMe business license.

Once the Stand Alone Document and the Assign Signer Order are installed and activated, you will need to create a new Stand Alone Document.

document approval

After adding a title and contract details to your document you will need to scroll to the bottom of the Document Options section and select + Advanced document settings

contract approval

Once the +Advanced document settings dropdown has expanded you will see a checkbox with the text “Assign an approval signer to sign and approve this document once a signature is added”. Select this checkbox.

approve document

After you select this option a “Who needs to sign this document” popup box will be displayed.

Since your signer 1 will manually enter their name and email address on your public facing document/contract they will automatically be defined as the signer #1.

Click + Add Signer to add your approval signer.

wordpress approve document

After you select + Add Signer you will be able to enter your approval signers full legal name and their email address. Feel free to add an additional approval signer if you require more than one document approval signer.


Click SAVE
Assign your document to it’s proper WordPress page
And select Publish Document

Now, whenever a signer fills out and electronically signs your Stand Alone Document, your approval signer will be notified and must add their legal signature to their document in order for the document to be officially closed out.