The Auto Add My Signature Add-on extension allows you (the admin and document sender) to easily add your saved signature to any document with a simple tick of a button. Say goodbye to the old days of having to email yourself a document and manually sign it. Now you can easily add a signature any document you create from the WordPress dashboard. This extension also works well with Terms of Service Agreements, NDA’s, Employee Contracts that require your signature for public facing documents using the Stand Alone Documents Add-On.

How to Set Up Auto Add My Signature ↑ Back to Top

After installing the Auto Add My Signature Add-on extension you will need to verify that your First Name + Last Name + Email Address + Signature saved in the settings section are correct.

Step 1: Enter your contact details and legal name

WP Electronic Esign Contract Digital Signature

Step 2: Draw your Signature (as the admin… one time)

WordPress Auto Add My Digital Signature

WordPress Auto Add My Electronic Digital E-Signature

Step 3: Tick “Automatically Add My Signature”

Once you create a new WordPress digital signature document you will see the option towards the bottom of the document to “Automatically add your signature to this document.” By selecting this checkbox your saved signature, legal name, and email address will be attached to the document you are creating.