If you would like to CC (or carbon copy) someone other than a signer on a particular basic esignature document, simply click the “+ CC” button and manually enter the CC users name and email address.

esignature cc non-signer wordpress

After clicking the “+CC” button you will have the option to manually enter the persons name and email address.

esignature carbon copy non-signer wordpress

When you send out the document for signature your CC’d recipient will receive two different emails.

The first email notifying them that they have been cc’d on a document and that they will receive access/notification once it has been completed/signed.

First +CC notification Email

electronic signature email

Second +CC notification Email

online signature carbon cc

Read more about the CC feature here

*CC feature was introduced in WP eSignature 1.4.0. If you are running a version that is older than 1.4.0 then you will not have this feature. Click here to upgrade to the latest version.

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