The new Approval Signer feature by ApproveMe is a powerful eSignature automation feature that makes it easy for you to automate the collection and contract approval process for your business. This means that you can have a public facing document/contract form that lives on your website + a final approval signer to close out the agreement once a signature is received from the Stand Alone/Public Facing document. The Assign Signer Order Add-On + Stand Alone Document Add-On are required for this feature to work.
Read all about the Approval Signer Feature here

ApproveMe’s esignature assign signer order add-on is a powerful addon that makes it possible to assign a specific online signature sequence to your online contract or documents that require an electronic signature online. This add-on is perfect for those “special” documents that require approval from an authorized party after/once a signer has added their signature to their contract.

This feature allows you to delay the invitation to a document or contract until another signing party first adds their signature to the contract.

Step #1
To assign the sequence of signatories that will be adding their online signature to your contract you will need to first create a basic document (which is very different from a Stand Alone Document… read about the differences here).

esignature assign signer order

Step #2
Once you have activated the basic document, you will see the option to “+ Add Signer.” By default, the Assign Signer Order add-on will not be displayed until there are at least two signers assigned to a basic document.

If you do not yet see the “Assign Signer Order” option. please add an additional signer.

online contract signing

Step #3
You are one step away from assigning your signer order so your signers will be able to sign documents online from your WordPress website!

After you have two or more signers on your document, you will see the “Assign Signer Order” option magically appear in the left-side of the signer details box. Select this checkbox if you would like to assign a signing sequence.

sign documents online

Step #4 (optional)
Once you have chosen the “Assign Signer Order” checkbox, you are almost ready for online contract signing. This step is 100% optional, if you would like you can easily rearrange the order of signers by selecting the arrows which displays the sequence in which the document (that you are creating) will be sent.

online signature

And that is how easy it is to assign the sequence of signers to collect their court recognized online signature using WP esignature!

This add-on is a Advanced Add-On and requires a
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