ApproveMe’s WP eSignature “Signer Input Fields” allows you to easily collect initials, address information, radio boxes, checkboxes, dates or just about anything else you can think of using our ridiculously awesome signer input fields of WP digital signature plugin. Custom fields allows users to fill in the blanks on your generated document. Take it to the next level and assign custom fields to multiple signers all from our easy to use custom fields popup window.

How to Add “Signer Input Fields” to a Document↑ Back to Top

After installing the Basic Signer Input Fields Add-On (also known as Custom Fields) you will see the WordPress Electronic Signature Signer Input Fields “icon” magically in the WordPress Digital E-Signature Document page.

Add Signer Input Fields

Once you select the Signer Input Fields icon you will see a list of available signer input fields.

Select Signer Input Fields

If you have more than one signer assigned to a document you will need to define which signer needs to fill out your input field.

Please note: you have the option to make a input field required or optional.

Selecting a signer to your input field ↑ Back to Top

"Signer Input Fields" - Define Signer

The placeholder text is the text that will live inside of the element you are creating. You can think of it as the “prompt” for your user to fill in the input field.

Signer Input Fields Placeholder

How an Input Field is Displayed to all Signers ↑ Back to Top

If you have multiple signers assigned to a document (in our example “Sally Pebble” and “John Doe”) when Sally Pebble reviews the contract and hovers over the input field she will see the signer that particular field is assigned to.

How Input Field is displayed to all signers

Required Input Fields for the Signer ↑ Back to Top

When “John Doe” is reviewing the contract and they hover over the field they will be required to enter your input field before completing the document (since we defined this field as a “required” field).

Required Input Fields for the Signer