Easy Digital Downloads custom fields allows users to show product details and payment details on your generated documents after Checkout. This feature will be part of WP E-Signature – Easy Digital Downloads Plugin. We can use this option with Stand Alone documents only. We can use that agreement either as Product or Global agreement as per requirement.

Step 1:

Activate both Easy Digital Downloads and WP E-Signature – Easy Digital Downloads Plugins

Step 2:

Insert Easy Digital Downloads tags to attached contract: We need to add a Stand Alone document and select Insert EDD details from SIF drop down. Option will display like {{customer_first_name}}

{{transaction_id}}{{payment_total}}{{customer_email}}  Please check the following screenshots for that:





Step 3:

Add a Download for EDD with Product agreement: Select the agreement where we have inserted shortcodes through custom fields to display Product details. We can use that agreement for all the products globally too as per the requirement.


Step 4:

Placing the order of product : We need to select the Product on which we have attached the product agreement and then fill all the required fields like customer name, Email address, country, payment total etc. and place the order.


After placing the order for product as per “Agreement After checkout” logic, it will redirect to the selected Stand Alone agreement with details as per select codes like First name, Order ID, Payment method, Shipping address etc.


Click here to download the WooCommerce + WP E-Signature Add-On