Wouldn’t it be awesome if you had your very own Document Signing Application similar to Docusign or HelloSign? With our Upload Logo & Branding Add-On you can add your logo and branding to WP E-Signature! Add your mark to the Signer Invite Emails with a logo, tagline, and custom paragraph about your company in the footer of the email. Add a custom cover page (with your logo) to your signed documents and more!

How to Set Up Upload Logo & Branding Add-on ↑ Back to Top

After installing the Upload Logo & Branding Add-on you will need to set this up before using it on your emails. There are multiple steps to set this up:

1. Once you are done with upload. Just click on “E-signature” on your WordPress menu, to get into the Dashboard to set up the Upload Logo & Branding Add-on.

2. You should see several tabs in the settings including a “Customization” tab, just click on it to setup your “Upload Logo & Branding” Add-on.



3. You may see different options depending upon which add-ons you have active. In this example, we see the “General Option”, “White Label Options” and “WooCommerce” as options. Click “White Label Options”.

4. You should be redirected the “Emails” tab where you should see “Upload Custom Branding to Email Invites”.

Note: If you have the “WordPress User Registration after Signing Add-On” active, you may see a section named “Auto Register Signer as WordPress User”. Scroll down to reach the “Upload Custom Branding to Email Invites” section.

Under this page you should see nine options:

  1. Header Image
  2. Logo Tagline
  3. Footer Text Headline
  4. E-mail Footer Text
  5. Email Sender
  6. Button Color
  7. Success Paragraph Text
  8. Success Image
  9. Cover Page

In addition to these options, there are four checkbox options. We will explain each one of them.


Header Image – Here you can upload the logo which we want to be displayed on your invitation email and document to be signed. This we can be done in two ways.

  1. Simply using the “Upload Your Logo” button option. This will let you upload the logo from your computer.
  2. By entering URL of an image or logo.



You have the option of displaying this logo or image on the Document Signing page as well. To do this you would need to check the option – “Display header image on document signing page”.


Note: This is actually the header of the document itself and not the title shown at the top of the page itself.


Logo Tagline: Here you can enter your tagline which will appear beneath your logo in the signer invite emails.


Footer Text Headline: Enter the headline text that will appear above the footer text in the signer invite emails.


E-mail Footer Text: Whatever you enter within this field will appear in the footer of signer invite emails.


Below this field you will see an option which allows you to disable this Footer Headline and Footer Text from invite emails.


E-mail Sender: This option determines what information is displayed inside of the “from” field of the invitation emails.


Button Color: This option determines the color of the button inside of the email. Illustrated in Figure “BC”.


Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 4.36.51 AM

Figure BC


Note: A success page is shown after a document is signed successfully. 

Success Paragraph Text:

The text that appears in the header of signer success page.

Success Image:

The image that appears in the success page header .

Note: Selecting the checkbox annotated below will prevent an image from being displayed when a document has been signed.

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 7.26.32 AM

Cover Page:

Be advised that a cover page is only generated when a signee decides to download a signed document as a PDF . You as the admin have the option to add a logo and some document information. If you want a cover page to be included you should check this option.

After completing your setup, you can hit the “Save Settings” button.

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 5.13.15 AM


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