The WordPress Esign Signing Reminders Add-on extension is one of those “set it and forget it” automation robot kind of extensions.

This fantastic WordPress Esign plugin add-on extension gives you the ability to setup an automatic signing reminder. WP Esign will send out signing reminder emails until your signers either

  1. Sign their document
  2. You cancel the reminders
  3. The signing reminder expires (you choose the expiration method on each document)

How to Setup WP Esign Plugin Signing Reminders ↑ Back to Top

Setting up WordPress Esign Plugin Singing Reminders is incredibly easy. Once you create your document simply scroll down to the settings section and select “Enable Signing Reminders.”

WP Esign Plugin Signing Reminders Settings

Once the WordPress Esign Plugin Signers Reminders is enabled you will see the advanced settings and options as seen in the screenshot below.

WordPress Esign Plugin Document Settings