WP E-Signature has two types of Documents:


a) A Basic Document is a document you create on the fly to send to user(s) for immediate signature request. You can also save this as a draft. Each signer will receive a signer invite email with their own unique signer URL (think of it like a password).  Signing details and events are stored and tracked for each signer. You can install automation add-ons like “Signing Reminders” to remind a signer to sign your document (if they have not signed it within your pre-defined timeline).




b) A Stand Alone Documents is a document that is attached to a WordPress page.  The signers fill in the agreement (and if Custom Input Fields is installed… they could add additional data via a text field, radio button, checkbox, etc.).  Because it lives on the front-end of your website it is usually an agreement that is between the user and a way to “automate” collecting signatures on a generic document like Terms of Service, NDA, etc.

Once a Stand Alone Document is signed WP E-Signature would create a unique document for that signer using a combination of the Stand Alone Document’s name and the signers name.

Example: If you had a Stand Alone Document named “ABC Company Terms” and the signer that signed the Stand Alone Document added the name “Steve Jobs” the new signed document would be called “ABC Company Terms – Steve Jobs.”

c) A Template Document is more or less a document that mirrors itself.  When you (or your sales rep) goes to create a new document they simply select Create from Template. Creating a document from a pre-defined template will save the sender time and they would fill in/edit the document fields they need to before sending it to the signer.