Bank-Grade Signature Certificate

Bank-Grade Signature Certificate

We understand your concern for security. In fact we share the same concern which is one of them any reasons we decided to create WPESignature. Our plugin is the first UETA/ESIGN compliant document signing WordPress plugin.
If you’re an avid reader and would love to learn more a bout the security of our plugin here’s a few helpful links for your weekend reading pleasure 🙂

🔗 Audit Trail Security… how it works (and can protect your signers)

🔗 Security of WP E-Signature

🔗 Additional documentation on plugin security

🔗 UETA/ESIGN Compliance

“7 Questions to find out if an E-Signature is Legally Binding.”
In the early stages of WPESignature majority of our startup costs/budget was allocated towards attorney fees, security experts, security advisors, etc. to ensure that WPESignature is (and will remain) the most trusted document signing WordPress plugin on the market. *We still invest heavily in the security and legalities of the electronic signature industry.

WP Esignature

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