5 Reasons Why You'll Love WP E-Signature

All we do is WordPress - that’s it

Our 100% focus on WordPress means that our plugin is specifically built to handle the special needs of WordPress. Some of the contributors to WP E-Signature are also frequent contributors to WordPress.org, which means you get double WordPress awesomeness.

Security is Kind of a Big Deal

Security is so much more than a biker dude wearing an XXXL shirt with the words “Security” stamped on the back. All of your signed documents and signatures are kept hidden and encrypted on your server at all times using a GUID encryption sequence. If someone ever attempts to modify a signed document from your database the document will literally self destruct (we’re serious).

WP E-Signature vs. Form Generation Plugins

Form generation plugins are fantastic! You can create some really sweet automation integrations; However, signing a legally binding document is NOT their main focus (it is our SOLE focus).  We have spent years developing a platform that adheres to the strict UETA and ESIGN national and international document signing guidelines. Do the smart thing and don’t get caught in a courtroom with a document that isn’t legally binding.

Crazy Detailed Audit Report

Contracts and documents move lightning speed from signatory to signatory... but WP E-Signature moves even faster! WP E Signature creates a comprehensive audit report for each signed document online. Every audit report includes ip address of the signer, viewing details, document id#, document analytics and an itemized signing history.

No Monthly Fees

Paying monthly fees to sign documents is so 1999. If you enjoy paying expensive monthly fees for each user account you have to sign documents online then WP E Signature is probably not a good fit for you. If you're interested in saving money while automating the eSignature collection process then you might want to check us out. WP E-Signature is by far the easiest and most affordable solution to sign court recognized contracts (where eSignature is recognized) using your very own website.

Free training & world-class support

99.99% uptime the last 12 months

Serious about security & privacy

The Document Signing Experience™
If your eSignature platform is cold, stiff and corporate you are missing out big-time.

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