6 Automation Hacks to Help Freelancers Get More Done (Without Going Insane)

freelance web site

When you’re a freelancer, your time is money — literally. You likely bill your clients based on how much time you spend working for them. Therefore, the more time you have to spend doing actual work, the more money you can make.

But, an eight-hour day can go quickly when you’re constantly putting effort … Continue Reading

How to Maintain Recurring Revenue as a Freelancer

recurring revenue

You’re a freelancer. You’ve kicked off the cubicle shackles, told the water cooler “peace out, bro, I’m buying a Brita pitcher,” and the only printer you’ll be smashing in a field while listening to rap music is the one you buy yourself. (For the record I don’t recommend that unless you’ve exercised all your options.)… Continue Reading

Cross Selling Techniques for Every Kind of Freelancer


When you’re a freelancer, you gain a few new titles in addition to the one you use to introduce yourself at uncomfortable networking parties. You’re not just a “freelance copywriter,” you’re also the head of marketing, president of sales, and number one coffee gopher.

Your services aren’t going anywhere unless you can market yourself, and … Continue Reading

9 Project Proposal Mistakes Freelancers Make

Project proposal

No matter what industry you’re in, whether you’re self-employed or someone-else-employed, in order to thrive professionally, you’re going to develop what I call a “trade toolbox” This toolbox is likely going to be a mix of figurative (skills, knowledge, connections) and literal (hammers, product management software, measuring cups), and improves with each year you’re in … Continue Reading

Go from $30 p/h to $50 p/h With Existing Clients in Two Simple Steps


I don’t know about you, but I’ll never forget the first freelance job I landed on my own.

After getting burned by a company that had committed to helping me get started, I realized that I didn’t need to hitch a ride on someone else’s bootstraps. I realized that I could do my own research, … Continue Reading

The Freelancer’s Guide to Bootstrapping


You’ve attended holiday family gatherings, right? For me, there are always a few things guaranteed to happen:

  1. My kids eat only bread, while other people’s children happily eat Aunt Patchouli’s kale salad.
  2. I eat precisely three too many bites of pie, and seriously consider drinking from the gravy boat.
  3. One of the uncles or grandpas
Continue Reading

25 Must-read Blogs for Freelancers, Startups, and Small Business Owners

25 Must-read Blogs for Freelancers, Startups, and Small Business Owners

Most college degrees come with a class or program designed to help you make the transition into the workforce. If you choose not to get a college degree, the workforce transition is still available. Job interview training, safety regulation courses, and certification programs barely scratch the surface when it comes to the resources available for … Continue Reading


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