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WP E-Signature is a powerful eSignature WordPress plugin that makes it easy to send, track, and eSign documents using your website (not somebody else’s).

No Monthly Fees • UETA & ESIGN Compliant • Legally Binding • Money Back Guarantee

WordPress Electronic Signature

A simple interface.

Your contracts should be signed on your website.
We created a Digital E-Signature WordPress Plugin just for you.

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Save as PDF feature is a Basic E-Signature Add-On

Legally binding
digital signature

WP E-Signature is a UETA/ESIGN compliant legally binding WordPress plugin for document signing similar to DocuSign, Hello Sign and others you already know. The difference between WP E-Signature and other document signing platforms is our sole purpose, nay our mission, which is to make it ridiculously easy for you (and your clients) to Legally sign documents using YOUR very own WordPress website (not someone else's).

You've probably known for years that you should be protecting yourself and your company with legally binding documents and contracts, but the time, effort (and cost) to send a document using a third party service (or God forbid the old paper contract method) has been far too much.

Learn more about eSignature & Audit Trail Security

Esign WordPress Audit Trail

Collect Signatures Automatically

Tired of wasting precious time sending the same document over and over again? WP eSignature can save you hours by automating the most redundant tasks for freelancers. Use your existing contracts (NDA's, Terms of Service, etc) and input them into WordPress Digital E-Signature. Create Templates or Stand Alone Documents you can repeatedly use. Clients and customers go to your website to fill out your documents. Sync it to Dropbox add Signing Reminders and more using our extensive Basic & Advanced Add-On Library.

Advanced WordPress Digital Signature Automations

Save Money... No Monthly Fees Per User

Say goodbye to monthly fees (per user) "Just to do business."
You pay for the plugin full-price upfront and then for 50% off annual updates. The way it should be.

Most electronic signature document signing companies charge $15, $25, even $100 per month… PER USER! With our business license you get unlimited users (and no monthly fees per user).

So, how does WP eSign make you money? By giving you an easy-to-create way to create legally-binding contracts that ensure you've done everything you need to protect yourself and your client. No more excuses when creating contracts. Getting them electonrically signed is so much easier.

*A valid license is required for access to downloads, updates and support. Becuase we love making affordable software your license can be renewed for up to 50% off annually.
Electronic Signature WordPress

Security & User Authentication

Security is our top priority and it should be yours as well. All of your signed documents and signatures are kept hidden and encrypted on your server at all times, using a GUID encryption sequence.

  • Document Encryption:  All signatures, fields and document content is encrypted and stored in your database.

  • SSL Support:  Force secure signing on all document pages when a valid SSL certificate is installed.

  • Tamper Resistant:  If a hacker ever attempts to unencrypt a document and change so much as a period to a comma the document will automatically throw a 404 Document not found message and alert all parties associated with the document that their document has been tampered with.

  • Audit Trail Serial #:  Once a document is closed a unique serial number is assigned to the audit trail contents and emailed to all parties. If any content in the audit trail is ever manipulated the serial number will automatically change (so you can verify whether or not this was document you signed).

  • Unique Document & Signer ID:  Each Document and Signer has their own unique ID. These details (along with their ip address) are listed on the audit trail for each signed document.

  • No Signature Images Stored:   Storing someone else's signature on your server is a huge liability! That's why all of WP E-Signature signatures are encrypted and only the mouse strokes are stored. No images are ever stored.

  • Signature Form Add-on vs WP E-Signature:   Form generation WordPress plugins are fantastic (gravity forms, formberry, ninja forms, etc)! You can create some really sweet automation integrations for a WordPress website; However, signing a legally binding document is NOT their main focus (it is WP E-Signature’s SOLE focus). We have spent years developing a platform that adheres to the strict UETA and ESIGN national and international document signing guidelines.

Do the smart thing and don’t get caught in a courtroom with a document that isn’t legally binding!

WordPress Security Online Contract Audit Trail

Install the Features You Need

Yep, we love WordPress, too! if you're interested in simplifying the document signing process for your freelance business by using your existing WordPress website to legally (and easily) sign documents. Our plugin will definitely do the trick! It's built similar to Woo Commerce in that there are dozens of customizable add-ons available. Each user can customize their signing workflow.

Electronic Digital Signature Addons

Upload Logo & Branding Add-On

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you had your very own Document Signing Application similar to Docusign or HelloSign? Upload Logo & Branding Add-On lets you add your logo and branding to WP E-Signature. Add your mark to the Signer Invite Emails with a logo, tagline, and custom paragraph about your company in the footer of the email. Add a custom cover page (with your logo) to your signed documents and more!

Sign Digital E-Signature WordPress

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All Plans Include

  • Upload Unlimited Documents for Signature
  • Unlimited Signers
  • UETA & ESIGN Compliant
  • Forced SSL (optional)
  • Works With WordPress (required)
  • Unlimited Users (Business License Needed)
  • 1 Year of Updates and Support

  • (optional 50% off renewals available annually)

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Advantages of WP eSignature

  • WordPress Sign Documents Electronically

    Documents Signed Using Your Website

    Look like a hero. Your customers can legally sign your agreements using your own WordPress website.

  • WP Digital E-Signature

    Unlimited Documents & Unlimited Signers

    Say goodbye to document limitations. Send unlimited documents to unlimited signers from your website.

  • WP Digital Agreement Esign

    Legally Binding & ESIGN/UETA Compliant

    Have peace of mind that our documents are ESIGN & UETA compliant and will hold up in court.

  • WordPress Electronic Digital Esign Plugin

    Automate Documents with Powerful Add-ons

    Easily create custom document workflows with powerful add-ons like Signing Reminders, Dropbox Sync and more!

  • WordPress Digital E-Signature

    Cancel Your Monthly Fees

    Paying monthly fees to sign documents is so 1999. If you want to pay monthly fees we're probably not a good fit.

  • WordPress Digital E-Signature Agreements

    Built Exclusively for WordPress

    Our 100% focus on WordPress means that our plugin is specficilly built to handle the special needs of WordPress.

7 Questions to Find Out if a Digital E-Signature is Legally Binding

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Customize your
signing workflow

With WP E-Signature, getting documents signed using your WordPress website has never been easier.

While signing documents online used to be a headache for small businesses, WP E-Signature takes literally 60 seconds to set up and is 100% hosted on your WordPress website.

Sign using WordPress electronically

Checkout the awesome stuff you get!
Each eSignature WordPress plugin come with the following bells and whistles

Document signing
Easily sign documents using your WordPress website. Access all of your documents (and your client documents) using our WordPress digital signature plugin.
Unlimited documents
Easily sign and store unlimited documents, contracts, proposals, estimates with no limit. Unlimited means exactly that. Unlimited.
Unlimited signers
Some document signing platforms like knocking you down with limitations. Not us. You get unlimited signers on all of your documents.
Use your website
Who on earth thought it was a good idea to send your online customers to an unrelated website just to sign your documents? Yeah, that’s kind of why we created WP Digital Signature Plugin. So your users sign on your website.
Audit Trail
Documents move turbo speed from signer to signer… but we move even faster! WP E-Signature Plugin generates a detailed audit report for every signed document. Each audit report includes viewer details, ip addresses, document analytics, document id# and itemized signer history.
No Monthly Fees Per User
If you like paying monthly fees per user to sign documents then we’re not a good fit. If you want to save money check us out. Our WP Electronic Signature Plugin is the easiest and most affordable way to legally sign documents. If you would like to continue receiving updates you can renew annually for up to 50% off.

Easily get setup and send your first signer invite email in less than 60 seconds. That was not a typo. Save your settings, create a new document, enter signer details and document info, and click send. We’re not making this up. See for yourself!
UETA & ESIGN Compatible
Our WP Electronic Signature Plugin is recognized in court (where electronic signatures are recognized). We are (UETA) and (ESIGN) compliant and adhere to some of the strictest document signing policy’s in the US and European unions.
Security and Encryption
All of your signed documents and signatures are kept hidden and encrypted on your server at all times using a GUID encryption sequence. If a document is ever tampered with it literally will self destruct (seriously).

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  • Unlimited Documents
  • Unlimited Signers
  • UETA & ESIGN Compliant
  • 1 Yr Updates & Support
  • 1 Sender/User
  • 3 Site License
  • All Basic Add-ons
  • Advanced Add-Ons NOT included
  • Basic Support
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Business License

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    All the pro features and:
  • Unlimited Documents
  • Unlimited Signers
  • UETA & ESIGN Compliant
  • 1 Yr Updates & Support
  • Unlimited Sender/Users
  • Upload Logo & Branding
  • Document Automation
  • Unlimited Sites
  • All Basic Add-Ons
  • All Advanced Add-Ons
  • Priority Support
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Sign Documents using WordPress

3 Week Money Back Guarantee

We’re so absolutely sure that WP Digital E-Signature will help you close more contracts that we’re offering an unconditional, NO-question-asked 3 week money back guarantee.

If for whatever reason WP Digital E-Signature does not satisfy you in any way, simply send us an email within 3 weeks from your purchase and we’ll refund you right away!

So, if for any reason you’re not happy, you can get your money back within 3 weeks. Simply contact us. No monkey business. We will always refund your money. Give it a try...

You have nothing to lose!

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