Document Activity Notifications

WP Document Activity Notifications

This advanced e-signature feature is included along with many others with your Elite, Plus and Basic License.

How awesome would it be if you were notified every time a document or proposal that was sent to a client was viewed. Let me introduce you to your new reality, “Document Activity Notifications.” Each signer receives their own unique signer specific URL.

Once the signer has viewed your document this add-on triggers an email to you (the document owner) letting you know who viewed your document, their ip address, and when it was viewed.

To top it off, their viewing history is also logged in the audit trail at the bottom of the document. This is possible after you will signup for ApproveMe’s WPElectronic Signature Plugin.

When it comes to collecting online signatures, WP E-Signature is a powerful tool you’ll wanna have on your side. It makes it easy to automate your document signing process and saves you hours of admin time.

Want to learn more about this feature? Check out the support docs here

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