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Esignature WordPress Plugin gets Carbon Copy (+CC) Non-Signer Feature in 1.4.0

Kevin Michael Gray

Esignature WordPress Plugin by ApproveMe get’s an exciting new +CC (Carbon copy) Recipients feature added to it in the 1.4.0 release.

Have you ever wanted to include a non-signer on a document? Maybe a manager or possibly a supervisor. You didn’t necessarily require a legal signature from the recipient but wanted to cc them in the process so they can preview and access the contract for their own records. Well as of the 1.4.0 release for WP E-Signature you can now officially send a carbon copy email invitation, both before and after the signing process to a non-signer user.

It’s incredibly easy to setup and has been included in the core WP E-Signature plugin so that both professional and business license holders can have access to this exciting new feature.

When you create a basic document you’ll see the new CC user feature underneath the +Add Signer

esignature cc non-signer wordpress

After entering the signer details you’ll see the WP E-Signature CC recipient details below

esignature carbon copy non-signer wordpress

While creating your Basic Document simply choose the +CC option and you’ll have the opportunity to add the required CC User’s Name and Email Address that will be receive a carbon copy of the signed/completed document.

How the Carbon Copy e signature feature works

Once a document is sent out for an online signature the carbon copy recipient will be notified via email that they have been cc’d on a document as a carbon copy recipient and that they will receive an email invitation to the final document once the document has been successfully signed and the status becomes closed.

If the recipient needs to get a copy of the contract or document, but the recipient doesn’t need to esign, initial, or add additional information to the document they can “view” the document in its current state. If the document sender is using the “Attach PDF to Email” feature that comes with our business pack they can auto-attach a PDF of the completed and signed contract to the CC recipients email as well.

First +CC notification Email

electronic signature email

Second +CC notification Email

online signature carbon cc

You can now carbon copy (cc) other people in your organization! Enjoy.

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