19 Best eSignature Apps for Business Use in 2020

Electronic Signature App

One of the challenges of doing business in the electronic age is managing secure online signature transactions. Electronic signature software speeds up the process of collecting required signatures on electronic documents and forms. We’ve evaluated some of the top eSignature applications currently on the market to see how well they meet the needs of business … Continue Reading

S Signature Meaning

Everything S Signature

The widespread use of digital documents and correspondence means that many people conduct business transactions over mobile devices. That led to the widespread use of electronic signatures, or S-signatures, on business and official government documents. Below you’ll find more extensive details around the use of S-signatures, also called conformed signatures.

Background on /S/ Signatures &

Continue Reading

A Complete Guide to eIDAS

eIDAS logo

The European Union established eIDAS to regulate the use of digital identities by consumers and make it easier for businesses to conduct international transactions. We’ve created this guide to help people understand more about eIDAS and its business and legal impacts.

What is eIDAS?

The Electric Identification, Authentication, and Trust Services EU regulation ensures there … Continue Reading

Are Electronic Signatures Legally Binding? Yes – and Here’s How & Where

Electronic Signatures Legality

The past two decades have seen an explosion in using electronic signatures for confirmation of a variety of electronic transactions. Rapidly evolving technology contributed to the shift away from paper to online transactions. The one thing that remains the requirement of a signature to confirm agreement with the terms and conditions of an agreement. So … Continue Reading

How to Dynamically Populate Data from Gravity Forms to another Gravity Form and Sign a Document

What if you could pass data from one Gravity Form to another NEW Gravity Form and then send/trigger a custom contract using data from BOTH Gravity Forms?

With Easy Passthrough for Gravity Forms an incredibly affordable (currently $29 as of August 15, 2017) you can now populate a second Gravity Form’s fields with user entry … Continue Reading


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