Integrate the most powerful Signature plugin with WordPress WordPress Multi-Site

You can effortlessly integrate WP E-Signature Plugin into a WordPress Multisite (each multi-site requires an active WP E-Signature license credit). Many might be left asking the question… so what’s the big deal with multisite and how can I benefit from it? First… let’s give a high a quick overview of what Multisite WordPress is and how you could benefit?

The WordPress Codex defines WordPress Multisite as follows:

“A feature of WordPress 3.0 and later versions that allows multiple virtual sites to share a single WordPress installation.”

This basically means that when you install WordPress only one single time on your server, you can easily run however many WordPress sites as you would like, and when I say however many sites what this means is absolutely positively as many sites as you wish.

At the time of writing this update, WordPress.com hosts approximately 74,652,825 WordPress sites and about 50% of those are hosted on WordPress.com. You will not be able to host hundreds of thousands or even millions of sites on one standardized Multisite installation though you can have multiple sites (with different themes and plugin configurations) hosted on one-single WordPress installation using Multisite. multisite wordpress The beautiful thing about WordPress Multisite is that the WordPress install and core files itself is pretty much the exact same with each standard installation: it uses the same folder structures, the exact same core WordPress files and of course it pulls from the same code base. In laymen terms, this means that by installing one single Multisite network it isn’t all that different from installing a standard WordPress site, and when it comes time to update a Multisite installation it is exactly the same as updating any WordPress site (only you have to do it one instead of 20+ times for different wordpress sites). All of your network’s themes and plugins are stored just one single time, regardless of how many sites you are using on your installation, this means that you’ll be using a lot less server storage than if you used a unique WordPress installation for every single site.

How Does Multisite WordPress Affect WP E-Signature Plugin?

Previously WP E-Signature worked on a multi-site installation but it only worked on ONE single install/site within that installation.

Let’s say that you have two different sites installed on your multi-site installation: www.yourdomain.com/customers and www.yourdomain.com/prospects… In the past you would have to choose one of these two WordPress installations to host the WP E-Signature platform. Now, you could have one unique WP E-Signature setup on both sites.

If you were running a WordPress multi-site as a design agency and running ALL of your design clients websites on your WordPress Multi-site installation, you could install WP E-Signature one time, and then charge your clients an additional fee if they wanted to have a “Document Signing App” built into their existing WordPress website.

Each client would have their own unique document signing portal with its own unique contracts and settings that were separate from the other clients. Not to mention you (as an agency) could charge a premium monthly fee for giving them access to their own document/contract application. We’re pretty excited about the new e-signature automation possibilities that this feature gives dedicated WordPress enthusiasts.

As always if you or your client has questions about this exciting new WordPress Multi-Site feature you can email us at [email protected], we’re real people and we’d love to hear from you.

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