ActiveCampaign ESign Feature

This advanced e-signature feature is included along with many others with an  Elite or Plus License.

This extension integrates your WP E-Signature documents with ActiveCampaign Email Marketing by letting you automatically subscribe signers to specific lists based on what documents they sign. In addition, you can also add custom tags to each email subscriber.

✅  Automatic Integration – Automatically tag or subscribe signers of a document to an ActiveCampaign email list

✅  Trigger Email Workflows in ActiveCampaign  – Trigger events and workflows in ActiveCampaign by giving a signer a tag when they electronically sign your contract

✅  Set Up Auto-Responder Emails – Setup auto responder emails using the most powerful email marketing CRM on the planet ActiveCampaign

✅  Set it and Forget it – If you’re using a Stand Alone Document you can easily setup and manage a host of demographic specific email sequences to the signer of your document.

When it comes to collecting online signatures, WP E-Signature is a powerful tool you’ll wanna have on your side. It makes it easy to automate your document signing process and saves you hours of admin time.

Want to learn more about this feature? Check out the support docs here

WP Esignature

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