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Building Your Freelancing Website with Remote Workers

Lauren Bonk

For new or established freelancers who are looking to scale their business and require a professionally crafted website, the task of searching for a proper solution can be surprisingly complex. There’s a large and increasingly popular demand for workers who can create and maintain a company’s website. The vast majority of these workers do so remotely and are considered remote workers, or freelancers.

Why outsource to a remote worker?

Outsourcing is an ideal solution towards finding the help needed to create a professional website. It’s not a task that necessitates an office or an in-house workspace, and having your freelancer work comfortably with their favorite hardware and programs gives them a bigger sense of confidence going forward. You also won’t have to shell out for office space, and you can find a wider range of remote workers ready to work for you without the hassle of combing your immediate area for talent.

Who do I hire?

Two critical components towards setting up a professional website (and thus, your Internet blueprint) is through having a proper web designer and a web developer. A web designer will generally design, enact and code in your websites layout, colors, and design features. Every commercial website has its own unique charm or look tailored to showcase what they represent. Most in the field of eCommerce are designed for simplicity of use and promote ongoing sales and specials. A well-maintained website that is easy to use will satisfy visitors viewing your site while a horribly optimized website can scare away potential customers.

A web developer concerns themselves less with the physical appearance of a website and more with the bare-bones underneath. Functionality and ease of navigation are high priorities for web developers. Fluency with HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, among other skills and programs – and the ability to create SPA’s (single-page applications) are notable examples of how a web developer will utilize their skills to create an easily navigable website.

Both fields are available to be worked upon remotely and for most businesses this is generally the preferred arrangement.

Will I need to hire an entire team?

There are many parts of the eCommerce industry that require a virtual army of remote workers to create growth and help manage a wide-range of different services. This can be daunting for business owners new to the concept of hiring remote workers to manage some of their companies’ services or internal tasks. For Freelancers looking for remote workers to handle website creation and maintenance, you can breathe a sigh of relief as this particular job doesn’t require a vast workforce to achieve successful results.

You won’t need a full team of remote workers to handle the task of creating a website from the ground up. In most cases, two remote workers will suffice, with one worker taking on web development duties, and the other focusing on web design. Because web design and web development share several overlapping responsibilities, but veer off into totally different areas of functionality, it’s important that they can work together and communicate on a consistent basis.

The goal is to promote a culture of regular communication between your workers.
Web design and web development work together to create a fully functioning website to provide a satisfactory experience to customers. This involves building an appealing and easy-to-navigate site (web design) with the backbone of the websites code and content being created by the web developer.

Exceptional communication between your web designer and developer will greatly reduce the risk of oversight issues as well as build confidence in their ability to share ideas and solve problems.

Some workers possess the experience and skills to do both tasks. These workers can do great work developing your website, and in certain instances have bigger scope in regards to your websites overall look. Ultimately, it’s up to you as to whether you’d prefer a small team vs a lone developer / designer.

Focus on communication

One of the largest hurdles for first time employers of freelance remote workers is digging down on communication with people you may never see face to face. It can be easy to fall into a cycle of lax communication with your workers, especially if active communication between you and your worker is done through only a single platform such as email.

Go out of your way to get constant updates about the progress of your websites development. Input your ideas and expectations to your remote workers, and hear their ideas and solutions as well. Using screen sharing applications to view the live progress of your websites creation, and talk with your remote workers on how you’d like to proceed with every update or conference. If you focus enough of your efforts on communication with your remote worker(s), you’ll be able to slide right into managing them and being an active part of your websites creation.

This article was contributed by the FreeeUp content team. FreeeUp is the hands-on solution to hiring reliable remote workers. As a business owner, you join the network, request the worker that you need, and then are introduced to a pre-vetted worker within hours. FreeeUp removes the need to post jobs and interview handfuls of applicants.

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