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Ninja Forms is a very powerful Wordpress Forms plugin created by WP Ninjas. Best of all it is 100% free (but includes an entire add-on marketplace where you can purchase various feature rich add-ons to improve on the core plugin features).


In this step by step Wordpress Tutorial, we’re going to walk you through how to setup a Ninja Form that lives on the front end of your website, so that you and your team (or even customers) can trigger a custom contract, proposal, estimate or legal agreement by simply submitting a form.

Required Add-ons

In order to activate this powerful Signature Automation feature you will need the following plugins installed:

1: Ninja Forms – Download here

2: Ninja Forms Signature Add-On (by ApproveMe) – Download here

3: WP E-Signature (by ApproveMe)

4: Stand Alone Documents Add-On (by ApproveMe)

5: Signer Input Fields Add-On (by ApproveMe)

*All of the ApproveMe Plugins are included with the WP E-Signature Elite or Lifetime license.

START HERE: Download & Install Ninja Forms

ninja-forms-contract-plugin To get started we will first need to download (and install) the free Ninja Forms Plugin – Download here

STEP 2: Download & Install Ninja Forms Signature Contract Add-On

ninja-forms-signature-plugin   To get started we will first need to download (and install) the free Ninja Forms Plugin – Download here

STEP 3: Download & Install ApproveMe’s WP E-Signature

Ninja Forms Signature add-on is included with a WP E-Signature license.

Purchase an Elite or Lifetime license today!

*Once you’ve installed WP E-Signature. You will need to save your settings and activate your license key. Read more about how to do this here.

STEP 4: Enable Stand Alone Document & Signer Input Fields Add-On
Stand Alone Document Add-On

WP Electronic Stand Alone Document Signature Add-On

Signer Input Fields Add-On


How to access these add-ons from your WordPress Dashboard

wordpress-signature-ninja-forms   *The Stand Alone Document & Signer Input Fields Add-On’s are included with the WP E-Signature Business License. You can install and enable these add-ons by logging into WordPress. And visiting the “E-Signature” -> “Add-Ons” tab. You will NOT be able to access the add-ons until you have FIRST saved your settings and activated your license.  

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