Hourly Rate Calculator

Hourly Rate Calculator

An easy to use calculator to help you find out how much to charge as a freelancer.

hourly Rate Calculator

How much is your time worth?

Use this free Freelance Hourly Rate Calculator to find out how much you should be charging per hour.

If you’re looking to work out your salary or take-home pay and just know your hourly rate, Fill in the form below, and the Hourly Rate Calculator will give you an estimated fee of what you ought to charge in view of what you give.

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Get Started Now. Calculate Your Hourly Rate Below:

What is your current annual salary or profit after all of your expenses have been deducted (before taxes)?
Do you want to increase your annual profit? Add the desired additional profit you would like to make or the added percentage you'd like to grow.
Billable Hours
How many weeks per year will you be working? If you can please don't include holidays, yet in the event that you plan to go for 2 weeks (suppose for a gathering which is not billable), deduct two weeks from this number
How many days a week do you plan to work? Ignore holidays, however in the event that you plan to spend one day a week working on a personal project, deduct 1 day for your total available days per week
How many hours will you be working per day?
What amount of your time is typically billable? For instance, do you spend time improving your "networking skills" or "looking for more work" even though you are not getting paid for this additional work?
How many vacation days would you like to take every year?
Are there any public, religious or other holidays which you plan to not be working?
Be sure to include a few "personal days" or "sick days" for the unexpected common cold or flu bug

Do you rent an office... if so how much is it?

What are your travel expenses? Incorporate estimated expenses for flights, hotels and living allowances while voyaging

How much do you spend on cell phones bills, internet service, fax, TV and other communication related subscriptions?

How much do you spend on software (Photoshop) or other subscription based products (Dropbox, Evernote, etc)?

How much will you spend on laptops, furniture, or other equipment that is specific to your industry?

How much will you spend on office supplies (stamps, water, mountain dew)?

How much will you spend on Accounting, and other Administration related fees?

How much will you spend on publicizing, advertising and promoting your freelance business?

How much will you spend annually on other bills?

How much will you spend annually on any other expenses?

Why Use an Hourly Rate Calculator?

For some, discovering their hourly pay rate is as straightforward as taking a gander at their most recent pay stub. However, in the event that you’re a salaried bonafide employee or are a self-employed freelancer, calculating your Hourly Rate takes a little effort. That’s why ApproveMe has created this Freelancer Hourly Rate Calculator. You can Calculate Your Hourly Rate based on one single project, a specific amount of time, or a desired annual salary. In the case of calculating a desired annual salary, you can easily include variables such as office rent, travel, and other expenses to get a more accurate hourly rate.

Step three makes it easy for you figure out the number hours you can really charge customers and factors in things like vacation days, sick days, and holidays. The last step requests that you assess how much profit you want to make every year. Once you’ve factored in every one of your line item expenses, the Hourly Rate Calculator generates the suggested Hourly Rate you have to earn back and additionally what your optimal Hourly Rate is to achieve your financial goals as a freelancer.

It goes without saying, what you actually charge your customers will rely on a few different factors, such as your professional 9and relevant) experience, your target market, etc. However, this free tool for freelancers is an incredible launching pad for making sense of how to charge individuals what you’re worth while being confident that you are covering your monetary bases.

How to use an Hourly Rate Calculator

Calculating your Hourly Rate is a breeze with this free tool. The Hourly Rate Calculator by ApproveMe, will help you see exactly how much you should be charging your clients. Are you wondering what your yearly salary is? Interested in becoming a freelancer or possibly finding a new job? Enter your unique real life details in the hourly rate calculator above, including the desired quantity of hours worked every week into the “Week by week Hours” box. Tally up your bills and expenses and we will tell you exactly how much you should be charging per hour.

You can utilize this Freelance Hourly Rate Calculator in two unique courses: both as an basic freelance rate calculator to discover the base charges you have to charge your clients to achieve a set profit objective, or a propelled freelance hourly rate calculator to represent more factors, for example, reserve funds objectives and everyday costs.

This freelance rate calculator is intended to help you calculate the minimum freelance rates you need to charge to achieve your financial independence goals. Bear in mind to add a premium price if you have extra experience or job training than most freelancers in a specific area or field, each rate is different and 100% unique to you and your unique offering.

Hourly Rate Calculator

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