WordPress Document Portal

Create a WordPress Client Portal for your Contracts & Assign Documents to a Specific User Role.

Wordpress client portal

Get protected with WP E-Signature

The Wordpress Client Portal feature for WP E-Signature can transform your WordPress website into a powerful client portal membership site that protects your premium content with legally binding contracts. You can easily create any number of contracts and require ANY logged in WordPress users role (editors, subscribers, contributors, etc) to sign documents online.

There are a couple different ways you can do this. Example use cases: Let’s say you have a potential client that visits your WordPress site and they’re interested in previewing premium or privileged information on your website. You can easily setup a WordPress Document Portal that protects your premium content with a contract gate.

Step 1:

Create a Stand Alone Document

Step 2:

Enable the Document Access Control feature that is located in the top right sidebar of your Stand Alone Document.

Document Access Control feature

Step 3:

Choose your desired WordPress user role(s) or specific WordPress user that needs to e-sign this document using your WordPress Portal.

Choose your desired WordPress user

Step 4:

Add a description about what your document is (this is what your signer will see when they log on to the page that has your shortcode inserted on it).

Wordpress portal document plugin

Step 5

Insert your desired shortcode on the page that you want the required, optional or signed documents displayed.

[esig-doc-dashboard status=”required”]


[esig-doc-dashboard status=”optional”]


[esig-doc-dashboard status=”signed”]

*The signed docs shortcode will output any required or optional document that has since been closed/signed. If a user was required to sign a document and they have not YET signed it it will show up whever the “required” shortcode is inserted. If a user has SIGNED a required document then it will show up (with options to save as PDF, print, or view the document) wherever the SIGNED shortcode is inserted.

Wordpress client portal

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