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Freelance Personalities, Predictions, and Pitfalls

Lauren Bonk

You’ve heard the expression “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” right? While it didn’t work out so well for the family in The Shining, it’s a helpful mantra to adopt as a freelance worker.

So why not have a little fun by checking out some freelance personality predictions, just to shake things up a bit?

What’s your freelance personality? Are you aggressive or quietly observant? Do you procrastinate or power through? Let’s pick apart these personalities and see what they mean for you as a freelancer.

I’m a sucker for a good high school-themed 80s movie, so put on some legwarmers, grab your Trapper Keeper, and let’s give this personality piece a Breakfast Club twist.

The Class President

In the 80s-style high school halls of freelancing, you’re the go-getter personality type that can rally a room to get behind whatever you do. The Class President is often considered to be courageous and determined… honest and passionate… confident and enthusiastic.

You’ve got the potential to spearhead some incredible projects in the near future. Your determined and passionate nature is perfect for leading a handful of willing cohorts to the successful completion of a kickass project.

Personality Pitfalls:

You’ll need to keep your ego in check. Are your collaborators able to express themselves comfortably to you?

It’s important to get perspective from outside sources to protect the quality of your work and projects, and being approachable and open will make that easier.

The Head Cheerleader

This spirited member of the freelance world is known to be reliable, devoted, and very conscious of beauty and pleasure. The stereotypical head cheerleader might be flighty, but you know it takes dependability to make a team work. You’re no pushover, and have the tendency to be extremely stubborn, even if not outwardly so.

Your solid dependability and eye for beauty make you an extremely pleasing hiring prospect, especially amid a giant sea of fickle and varied freelance workers. If you’re comfortable with in-person networking, find some events in your area to attend. If you’re not comfortable with it, it’s time to polish up your skills and practice in front of a mirror or something, because I’m telling you, kid, you’re going to crush it out there.

Personality Pitfalls:

Remember how I mentioned that your types are suckers for beauty and pleasure? That can often translate into “taking the easy way out” or “just doing what feels good.” Remember, the stress of working to the wire 24 minutes before a deadline isn’t worth the extra hour of Netflix. Just get your work done, man.

The Best Friend

This group tends to be affectionate, gentle, curious, and quick. New tasks are learned quickly and efficiently, and usually with a smile.

In addition to having a knowledgeable and pleasant demeanor, you’re known to be multi-talented. Not everyone has the ability to efficiently multitask, so this superpower is not to be taken lightly.

Look at your freelance workflow and see which processes can be more efficient, and start making some changes that will make you more money in the long run.

Personality Pitfalls:

Indecisiveness and inconsistency have been known to accompany your nimble mind, so try not to bite off more than you can chew. Don’t take on so many projects that you’re forced to sacrifice quality for quantity.

The “Bad Boy” (Or girl. Either way, you’re wearing a badass leather jacket.)

This mysterious personality is full of contradiction. Hard and tough on the outside, but soft and sensitive on the inside. Kind of like a Peep that you forgot about and then microwaved for, like, three seconds.

Whether you’re feeling hard and tough or nurturing and sensitive, your actions are going to be intense and tenacious either way. This makes you incredibly skilled at getting things done. Find a task or project that fires up your heart and do something amazing with it.

Personality Pitfalls:

Because of your intense-but-fluctuating nature, it’s important to make decisions carefully. Give yourself time to really think about big decisions, so that they can be made rationally, regardless of the mood you’re in.

The Debate Team Captain

This freelance personality can be a whirlwind to be around. With your highly charismatic personality, fierce loyalty, and cheerful, passionate demeanor, you often attract many different kinds of people, and are adept at interacting with all of them.

If there’s something you want, there’s a good chance you can convince someone to give it to you, or at least help you get there. Look at your goals (or set some new ones) and find situations that will allow your charisma to shine.

Personality Pitfalls:

In your quest to meet your goals, be sure to stay genuine. While lucrative connections and situations are exciting, they’re only helpful to you if they’re meaningful. Be sure to give as much as you’re hoping to get.

The “Cool” Teacher

If you fall into this category, there’s a good chance people looooove you. You’re hardworking, you’re loyal, you’re compassionate and altruistic, and you’re constantly trying to improve yourself. These things are practically perfect qualities.

You’re thorough in your work and loyal to your cause… so why not find something new to learn that will benefit you and your freelance work? Is there a new app out there that will improve your workflow? An area of your industry you wish you know more about? It’s time expand those horizons.

Personality Pitfalls:

Your hyper-loyal, service-oriented nature makes you a reliable freelancer and ideal collaborator… and a pretty easy target for manipulation and over-extension. Be sure to look out for yourself as well as your clients and peers.

The Guidance Counselor

You, my friend, are a mediator to the core. Whether it’s an equal exchange in conversation, equally-divided responsibilities, or simply a personality match in a friend, you are most happy when fairness abounds.

You know what I think? I think it’s time for a collaboration. You’ve got incredible skills, and there’s someone out there with some equally incredible skills. With those incredible skills combined, the potential for personal and financial satisfaction is boundless. Look through your contacts, find some new ones, and see what kind of magic you can make.

Personality Pitfalls:

In the lifelong search for balance and equality, it’s common to shy away from confrontation or expressing opinions that might tip the proverbial scales to one or another extreme. Be sure you’re not stifling your creativity for the sake of an even keel.

The Quarterback

This personality type deals in power. With your ability to think big and work big, you’re known for your intense and dramatic nature.

With your intense personality, you have the power to seriously get things done. What kind of big project (workflow improvement, rebrand, updated rates scale) would most benefit your freelance business right now? Find one and tackle it.

Personality Pitfalls:

This type tends to let their desire to triumph cloud their vision of reality. Remember to be kind to yourself as you grow your business, and that failures are necessary in order to be successful.

The Schemer

You know the type, right? Lots of ideas, lots of plans, and lots of passion. You know what you want and aim at it without distraction. These always-on-the-go-types are rarely found without a current project.

You need to be on the move, and what better way to get out than attending a conference in your field? Find an industry-related gathering and jet out for some networking.

Personality Pitfalls:

Your type is notorious for sacrificing quality in your quest to achieve goals. Whether it’s an extra round of revisions or having another set of eyes on your work, you’ll want to make sure the details are getting the attention they deserve.

The Shop Class King

This type, with its determination and common sense, is often a hard working, disciplined, and serious freelancer.

Hard work is your calling card, and that’s a vital characteristic in a successful freelance career. Don’t get discouraged if things haven’t gone your way yet; your diligence will pay off sooner rather than later.

Personality Pitfalls:

Remember to have fun. Don’t let work take over your life. Go grab a margarita or get in some rock climbing. You need it.

The Trendsetter

With your creative tendencies and fearless nature, it’s up to you to lead the way as far as trends and new methods and strategies go.

You’ve got big ideas, right? Well, don’t let the naysayers get you down. You might get called “wacky” or “naive,” but you just take those ideas and turn them into something awesome.

Personality Pitfalls:

Those big ideas might seem out-of-touch to some people, but eventually the people around you will start noticing that they’re paying off. Don’t get caught off-guard when peers start looking to you for leadership.

The Quiet One

This freelance personality is a complex one. You may not be loud or aggressive, but your type is often creative, wise, and incredibly compassionate.

People recognize your wisdom and creativity, so they will likely be coming to you for advice in their freelance careers. This can be a fantastic opportunity to help a fellow freelancer and get your name out.

Personality Pitfalls:

Giving advice can be tricky; you don’t want to sacrifice too much of your time and growth in order to help someone else. Be sure you’re focusing on your career, too, and learn how to firmly say “no,” if you don’t have the time to help.

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