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Assign Signer Order

Assign Signer Order Feature

Add Custom Message WP E-Signature

This advanced esignature Pro Add-On feature is included along
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Wouldn’t it be awesome if you have the ability to assign a signatory order… i.e. if you had the power to delay sending a signer invite email to a signatory until another signer adds their signature? Well with “Assign Signer Order” add-on you easily can! This add-on gives you the ability to assign a signer order to your signers when two or more signers are attached to a document. Simply tick this option and select the signatory order and you’re good to go!

Assign Signatory Order to a Document
Easily assign priority to signers.

Give Priority to Signers
Give priority to sequence in which signatures are collected using this add-on

Delay Signer Invite Emails
Delay invite emails from going out until the signatory in sequence has added their signature

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