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Document Templates


Document Templates Feature

Digital E-Signature Document Add Templates

This advanced esignature feature is included along
with many others with a Ultimate, Business or Pro License. Download Plugin Today

This powerful extension allows you to easily send out documents again and again to different people by creating a re-usable document template, gone are the days of creating a new document every single time.  Recycle (and edit) from pre-saved documents.

You can also assign signer input fields (if signer input fields extension is installed) for your future signers to fill out each time you send it off.  In the same way, you can add pre-fill check boxes to a template so  you can check (or not check) a box before sending a template off to your signer. 

You can access your stored templates on your My Documents page, and you can save a template while creating a document.

Share Templates with other Document Senders
If you’re interested in document and workflow automation you can now create a template and share it with other document senders… What that means in plain terms, is that if you’re a web design agency that has multiple employees and account managers, you can create a “new client agreement” and make it available (for customization) so that all of your account managers can create new contracts based off of your “new client agreement” template and send them to their new clients.


Easily Create Templates
Save WordPress E-Signature Document Templates from existing documents and agreements

Unique Documents
Each template document once signed becomes it’s own unique document

Upload from a Template
Save time. Enter a document template and modify it on a per user basis

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