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Imagine all your client contracts signed using your WordPress website,
secure & legally binding, available wherever you go and No Monthly Fees.
That’s WPESignature.

Unlimited Sender Roles

Unlimited Sender Roles

Unlimited Electronic Document WordPress Signers

This advanced esignature Pro Add-On feature is included along
with many others with a Ultimate, Business or Pro License. Download Plugin Today

This is one of the most powerful e-signature add-ons on the planet. It unlocks the signing universe by giving you the ability to have unlimited document senders. That means you could assign document sending privileges to however many people you want. Also segment sending privileges to a WordPress Role.

Most document signing companies charge $10, $15, even $50 per month… PER USER! You get unlimited users (and no monthly fees) with this powerful add-on.

Unlimited Sender Roles
Easily add unlimited document senders. That means you can have multiple WordPress users uploading and sending proposals, estimates, and contracts for your company

Assign from Dashboard
Assign multiple document senders from the WordPress E-Signature Dashboard

Assign by User
Search the entire WordPress database and select a user to be given E-Signature Admin Privileges

Assign by Role
Easily give an entire WordPress User Role (i.e. Subscriber, Editor, Admin, Shop Manager, etc) the ability to upload and send electronic documents

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