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Upload Logo And Branding

Upload Logo & Branding Feature

Upload Logo and Branding

We have a powerful tool to represent the bonafide professional in you!

Imagine this: you send over a document for your client to sign.

They get a Signer Invite email with a logo, tagline and custom paragraph about your company.

When they click on the link, they see your logo again… on a beautiful cover page!

This elegantly-laid-out document makes a fantastic impression for your company.

If you want to present your client with a branding document signing experience, it’s very easy. Plus, you won’t need a million-dollar marketing budget.


All you need is the WPESignature Upload Logo and Branding plug-in.

It’s so easy to add your company’s logo and branding to WPESignature with this add-on.


Other document signing applications splash their branding across everything. We let you put your brand in the spotlight. After all, you’ve spent your hard-earned money and time developing your logo – you should use it!

📄 Keep attention on your company with your custom logo and branding.

📄 Add personalized information about your company to the eSignature document email template.

📄 Add your logo to the top of the document signing page.

📄 Create a custom cover page with your logo and document details. You can set it up so that it always attaches to your signed PDFs.

WPESignature makes signing documents easy, smooth and professional.

It’s the best way to automate the paperwork process and make contracts easy.

Try it – you’ll save hours on admin and reduce your paperwork headaches.

This advanced esignature feature is included along
with many others with a Ultimate, Business or Pro License. Download Plugin Today


This advanced esignature pro Add-On feature is included along
with many others with a Ultimate, Business or Pro License. Download Plugin Today

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you had your very own Document Signing Application similar to Docusign or HelloSign? This Add-On lets you add your logo and branding to WPESignature a self-hosted document signing app. Add your mark to the Signer Invite Emails with a logo, tagline, and custom paragraph about your company in the footer of the email. Upload Logo & Branding also gives you the ability to add a cover page (with your logo) to your signed documents.

Upload Logo to Email Invites
Easily upload your logo to all e Signature Signer Invite Emails.

Add Custom Text to Emails
Add custom text about your company (or anything really). This paragraph gets added too all email communication with your signers.

Add Logo to Document Page
With Upload Logo and Branding you can easily add your logo to the top of the document your users are signing. Look like a boss!

Custom Cover Page
Now you can create a custom cover page with logo and document details to your completed documents.

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