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URL Redirect After Signing

WP URL Redirect After Signing

URL Redirect | WP eSignature Plugin

This advanced esignature Pro Add-On feature is included along
with many others with a Ultimate, Business or Pro License. Download Plugin Today

Automatically redirect your signer to a url of your choice after they successfully sign your document. Your signer will still receive the signed document in their inbox and can review/print it later. Signers are automatically redirected to your URL once the esign document has been processed.

Automatic Integration
Set it and forget it! This add-on really shines when the URL Redirect is added to a Stand Alone Document.

Add from Dashboard
Easily add a URL Redirect after a user signs your document from the WordPress E-Signature Document Dashboard

Works with third party sites
Redirect your signers to sites other than the one they are currently on upon successful signature collection

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